Studying NLP Practitioner is extremely useful for athletes and sports people in terms of learning the process of mental preparation and training their mind for the purpose of enhancing their sporting performance. In our NLP Practitioner, you discover how NLP is a cutting edge technology that athletes,  sports people both professional/amateur and coaches can learn with us, to achieve optimum sporting performance.

One of the first things we’ll share with you at the NLP Practitioner Training,  is how your Focus impacts on your performance and ultimately on your results.

If I were to say to you, “Don’t think of a blue tree”……what are you thinking about? Yes, that’s right a blue tree even though I said “Don’t” think about it. What’s not immediately obvious is that you can’t think about, what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it. For you to make sense of a negation, the first you have to do is think about it…then you negate it.

What’s important in this discussion, is that you’ve got a body, a device, that is designed to produce behaviour based on what you think and what you focus on. So you’re  going along in training or in your sport and you might think “I haven’t done enough training to win this” or “I hope I don’t get injured again” or “I hope I don’t lose this time” or “I can’t give up”. The question is what are you focusing on?

Generally, in society these days, we are all taught to be positive people and say positive things to ourselves. However we make a big mistake because what we actually do is ignore 5 of the 6 parts that make up our focus, that creates our thinking and it’s our thinking that produce our results. This is what makes up our Focus:

Visual – these are the pictures that you have in your mind

Auditory – is all to do with sound, for example, the sound of that tune that runs inside your head

Kinaesthetic – which is to do with feelings

Olfactory – to do with smell

Gustatory –relates to taste and

Auditory Digital – which means Self Talk, that is, what we say to ourselves.

That entire package is our FOCUS.  So, let us take the concept of “winning” because it’s something that most sports people interested are in.

You may think that you are being positive about winning – you may say to yourself, “I’m going to win this” or “I need to win”. Now, that’s your Self Talk because you are saying those words to yourself. What happens meanwhile if in your head you have a picture of losing? Or if you hear a member of your family say “In our family we never have been good at sport”. That would cause you to do exactly that.

Or you maybe you have a good picture, for example, a picture in your mind of winning and a great sound, like the sound of the crowd cheering, but you might have a bad feeling like “I don’t feel like I could ever have that” or “I don’t deserve to win.” Or you might have a feeling of fear. If you have a negative feeling you’re not focusing on what you want!

We know now that there are 6 things that create our focus. The question is….What Are You Focusing On?

So let’s look how this fits with the NLP Communication Model. This diagram is taken from our NLP Practitioner Manual

NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual …Vers 6.53 …2/11 Copyright Ó 1987-2011, Mind Training Systems  & The Tad James Co

From the diagram we can see an external event or communication from you or someone else. That information comes inside of us and our filters Delete, Distort and Generalise that information. Filters include things like time, space, energy & matter, language, memories, decisions, value and beliefs, Meta Programs – which are the basis of our personality etc. We make an Internal Representation that we store in our mind and these 6 things that we’ve talked about are ourInternal Representation. That is Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory & Auditory Digital. So when we make an Internal Representation in our head is it WHOLELY 100% about what we want?

It’s not immediately obvious but what you hold in your mind creates your results.

At our NLP Practitioner, you’ll also discover, it’s what you focus on that creates your results and there is a direct relationship between the quality of your focus and what you create in terms of your results.

As you can see from the NLP Communication Model, the Internal Representation is linked to a State and a Physiology. That’s so important because it’s this that creates our behaviour and this is what we use to create our results, not just in the context sport, it creates our results in all areas of life.

NLP Practitioner teaches us that our truth is, if you focus on negative stuff you’ll get it. Focus on not winning and you won’t win. If you focus on success, there will be success. Focus on total health, there will be total health. If you focus on absence of injuries, then there will be injuries because the mind can’t process a negation. Remember the example we gave earlier of “Don’t think about a blue tree?”

You can’t think about what you don’t want to think about, without thinking about it.

You think you’re thoughts and the good news is your in-charge of your thinking, however the bad news is your in-charge of your thinking. So here’s an exercise for you. Clean up your thinking and start stubbornly focusing on what YOU Want. 

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