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NLP Practitioner Training – Getting Rid of Emotional Baggage

Let’s face it, throughout our lifetime, human beings pick up emotional concerns in some shape or form during our development. Most of these concerns, we will eventually resolve for ourselves as we continue to grow in life, some we try to learn to live with and then there are the ones that continue to have a negative impact on our lives.

At our NLP Practitioner Training you will discover the benefits of releasing this emotional baggage for the purpose of living a happier life where you can move forward in achieving all of your goals and dreams.

As a NLP Practitioner you will learn how emotional baggage influences a person’s perception of what’s going on in their world. They delete, distort and generalise information and react in certain ways because of the negative emotions that are acting as a filter of their experience.

It’s possible to change your perspective on your reality by letting go of your emotional baggage from the past. Have the freedom to see the world in a new, clearer way. This is now an easy, quick and painless process when you use Time Line Therapy®  which we will train you in at our NLP Practitioner Training. There’s a double benefit because you will then be able to use these techniques for yourself AND you will be able use these skills to assist other people as well. That means you will be able to release negative thought patterns and replace them with positive alternatives to create a new way of being.

Release your emotional baggage for more positive and realistic ways of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting to other people, to yourself and to life in general!

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NLP Practitioner Training – Reasons for You to Attend

NLP Practitioner Training

There are many valid reasons for attending our NLP Practitioner Training. By investing in this exciting 7 day live training and utilising the NLP techniques that we are going to share with you, your personal happiness and your professional success will be will be much more consistent.

From taking our NLP Practitioner Training, you will also realise how much more effective you are working with other people. You will be in the position where you will be able to tap into your personal power for optimum results.

One of the most useful things you need to learn to improve your results in life is how to get in control of your emotional state.

At our NLP Practitioner Training we’ll share with you exactly how to generate resourceful and empowering states in yourself, when you choose, to get the best results in any given situation.

Plus we will also be training you in Time Line Therapy™, because this is a complete NLP Practitioner Certification Training. That means you will have the skills to be able to get rid of any negative emotions or limiting decisions that is stopping you from achieving what you want. You will know exactly how to identify and then change any beliefs that are limiting and how to motivate yourself with a bright, compelling future.

These are important life skills that can be used in your personal and professional development. Whether you are already successful in your career or you want to find a way to get ahead or you are looking for a springboard into a new career – our NLP Practitioner Training is for you.

For Managers and those who are Entrepreneurs – this training will show you have to build and develop relationships and strong bonds within teams. NLP Practitioner Training also assists you to develop positive interpersonal skills. We’ll also show you how to effectively negotiate and solve problems in an approach that creates a “win-win” situation.

For Sales Consultants – you’ll learn how to develop your rapport skills to a whole new level of excellence. Plus we’ll teach you how to elicit and utilise your customers values to increase your sales. And you’ll learn some proven strategies for overcoming objections and the secrets to handling buyers remorse to dramatically increase your results.

For Coaches and Trainers – you will discover exciting new concepts at our NLP Practitioner Training for engaging your students and clients, for inspiring them and motivating them to take action.

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NLP Practitioner – the practical application of NLP

NLP Practitioner Training

During our advanced NLP Practitioner certification training we will show you exactly HOW to apply NLP. Knowing the theory of NLP is all well and good but a great NLP Practitioner must know how to make the techniques work and you’ll discover that at our training.

As a certified NLP Practitioner you will find that NLP techniques can be applied in all areas of life. You can use NLP as a parent with your kids, for building rapport and enhancing relationships, increasing your sensitivity to others. As well as understanding yourself and other people better you will also be able to manage your own state for peak performance. As a NLP Practitioner you will have the skills to resolve conflicts, achieve your goals and take control of yourself and your life! Just consider that for a moment……

So would having these skills add value to your life and to the lives of the people you care about?

Here are a couple real world examples of how you can apply your NLP Practitioner skills:

As a parent you NLP Practitioner skills are an important asset for assisting your kids to change negative habits and to improve their concentration, improve their memory and boost their motivation to create best performance.

As a manager or team leader, with your NLP Practitioner knowledge you can create stronger relationships and bonds with staff members and assist them to get the best results they can achieve within the business. You’ll know how to help them get rid of limiting beliefs about what they can achieve and use anchoring for peak performance states to get outstanding results.

As a student, learning to be an NLP Practitioner gives you all you need to know to be totally motivated to complete your studies. You’ll discover and be able to harness your inner driving forces for incredible focus.

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NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner – Be the Best You Can Be

Have you ever considered learning NLP or thought about becoming an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner? Have you been putting that decision off??? Maybe you have read some literature about NLP or watched some clips on You Tube. The truth is that when you are ready to take yourself to the next level and be the best you can be, our Live NLP Practitioner training is a must for your development. To become a confident and capable NLP Practitioner takes an investment of time, like driving a car or learning to swim. It’s not something that you can simply learn from watching a DVD or reading a book, you have to learn the practical application of the techniques under the guidance of an expert NLP Practitioner trainer.

The truth is that learning NLP and becoming a certified NLP Practitioner will provide you with the power to change your life! Even charismatic speakers, celebrities and motivational coaches like Tony Robbins have studied NLP because they wanted to discover the secrets of how to be the best they could be. And you can too.

Our Fastrak NLP Practitioner Training program by Mind Training Systems is a 7 day live training that will change your life. We recognise that many people want to learn NLP and yet they have limited time and resources, so our program allows you to learn the essential and key elements of NLP which you can then easily apply in your daily life.

Our NLP Practitioner Training is presented by respected and certified NLP Trainers Catherine Jackson and Colin McKay who will personally deliver the program and are assisted by their team of experienced coaches.

Here are some of the exciting things you will learn at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training:

How to apply NLP for own personal development

How to apply NLP in your daily life

Overcome your limiting beliefs and limiting decisions

Discover the power of your unconscious mind

How to operate from a psychology and physiology of excellence

Understand what motivates you and how to stay motivated

Be able to build rapport with anyone that you choose and to create bonds and relationships that last

To key steps of anchoring for peak performance

Use linguistics to communicate more effectively to become influential and the “go-to” person

How to use NLP to Coach others whether in business, education, as a parent or as a manager

How to ask questions that will change the mindset of other people

The Secrets of how to model excellence

Plus much, much more…

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“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence” — Psychology Today

NLP Practitioner – Change for the Better

NLP Practitioner

As a NLP Practitioner it’s important to consider what’s the purpose for people doing what they do and what is stopping them from doing, being or having what they want in their life.

For some the desire to remain in their comfort zone is so great that it makes change difficult or challenging. At our NLP Practitioner training we will teach you effective and proven techniques for getting people “unstuck” so they can see the benefits of what is available to them outside of their old comfort zone.

To change something  there are several things you need to consider:

NLP Practitioner Step 1: Know What You Want

The most important step is understand fully what the person wants! As a skilled NLP Practitioner you want to ensure that these outcome statements are positively stated because remember – you can’t think about, what you don’t want to think about, without thinking about it!!! Think about that! So focus is important. That means that the outcome or goal must be focussed on a positive achievement. Plus at our NLP Practitioner Training we’ll teach you how to assist the person you are working with to build and maintain motivation to getting their goal.

NLP Practitioner Step 2: Take Action

Next step on the path to creating the change for achieving a goal. Take Action! As a NLP Practitioner you have to teach your client to take action. You know people who have great ideas and yet when it comes down to it, they take no action, so that idea just stays as an idea. To achieve something you have to take MASSIVE action

NLP Practitioner Step 3: Measure

You have to be able to tune into how it’s going. Are you on track or not towards your goal. This is another key aspect to creating a change and an important component to teach the person you are working with.

NLP Practitioner Step 4: Flexibility

This ties in with Step 3. If you discover you are off track, you have to have the flexibility to firstly notice it and then get yourself back on course.

NLP Practitioner Step 5: Operate with behaviours and a mindset of excellence

Ensure that all of your thoughts, words and actions are aligned to what you want to achieve is a vital key to your success. We’ll share with you all the components that you need to succeed at our exciting NLP Practitioner training

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NLP Practitioner – Have Your Future the Way You Want it

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Our advanced NLP Practitioner Certification Training gives you the tools and techniques that you need to be able to design and create your future the way that you want it.

First of all we are going to take a look at your thinking.

To have your life the way you want it you’ve got to get a clarity on what it is that you do want. In the general population there are far too many people who know what they don’t want but not what they DO want. That has a big impact on the results that you get (or don’t get) in life. Other people find themselves conflicted about their outcomes and you will recognise this in their language. You may have already heard someone say something like, “Well on one hand I would like this but on the other hand I would like that.” So during our advanced NLP Practitioner program we’ll show you exactly how to resolve conflicts in your thinking (and how to help other people do the same) so you can get a clarity on what you want. Then align all of your energy, focus, motivation and actions towards achieving it.

During our advanced NLP Practitioner training we will also share with you the secrets of becoming an expert communicator.

This again is another important facet of training you to get the best results in life. Whatever you do, you need to learn to effectively build deep levels of rapport with the other person or people you are communicating with. Plus for the very best results you must be able to influence and control the level of specificity or abstraction within the conversation – we’ll show you exactly how to do this. Because your use of language is critical. We got lots to share with you about the importance of language!

Attending our advanced NLP Practitioner training is a proven method for you to become an expert communicator, an influential and persuasive individual – the go to person who gets results.

If you want to find our more about our exciting NLP Practitioner program, you can get your hands on one of our FREE NLP Practitioner Information packs or check our NLP Practitioner Training Schedule


NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner – New Year & A New You

How many people do you know that start off a new year with fantastic new year’s resolutions and great intentions and hopes for a better year than the last one?

Yet all too often, these resolutions and wishes fall by the wayside as people remain locked into repeating the same old patterns, stuck in their comfort zones. Then they   find by December that nothing really changed at all. This is a familiar story for most people. The question is, what is it that you need to do to change your results this year? What is it that will allow you to create what you want in 2013 and beyond?

The solution is to learn how to think differently. It’s not immediately obvious but it’s your thinking that drives your behaviour which is creating your results in life. So if you want different results and a better life, then you need to be able to think differently. The best way to discover how to do this effectively for guaranteed, positive, life changing results is to get booked onto our advanced NLP Practitioner training.

At our NLP Practitioner training we will teach you and certify you in NLP, Time Line Therapy ™ , Hypnosis and NLP Coaching – which gives you ALL the skills you will need to be able to think in a new, resourceful way, to get you the results that you want.

At our NLP Practitioner training we will teach you how your motivation and your behaviour are very unconscious processes and yet how we decide on our goals and outcomes is something we do consciously. So the secret is how to align both our unconscious and conscious thinking to create what we want.

If you want to make changes in your life in 2013 to create a fantastic year, this year and beyond then get booked in for our advanced NLP Practitioner training and you will discover everything you need to create the changes in your thinking to achieve your goals.

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