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Discover Your Unconscious Mind

Discover Your Unconscious Mind

Before we discuss your……. Unconscious Mind; you probably know you have a Conscious Mind. And for some people reading this article they will have heard they have a Sub-conscious or Unconscious Mind as well. In our branch of NLP, we refer to this part of you as your Unconscious Mind rather than Sub-conscious because Sub-conscious tends to suggest it’s lesser than. In fact your Unconscious Mind is MAGNIFICENT, if they sold them in the shops you’d hope they had them on offer like Buy one, Get one FREE! Seriously though, your Unconscious Mind is amazing and does amazing things for you. So for that reason you should get to know the characteristics of your Unconscious Mind a bit better, so you have a clearer understanding of what he or she does for you.

The idea or concept of the Unconscious Mind isn’t new. Ancient civilisations knew and understood it and accepted it as just the way things were. They knew how to utilise the Unconscious Mind in their quest to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s easy to portray the characteristics of the Unconscious Mind because it’s like a 5 year old child, like your favourite niece or nephew, who loves you dearly and wants to please you. It is innocent, simplistic and requires clear, direct instructions.

We’ve been programmed to use our Conscious Mind in today’s modern society and for that reason, people don’t know about and don’t access the power that resides in their Unconscious Mind.

Yet the Unconscious Mind continues to perform all the many functions and duties that are required of it 24/7. It never takes a holiday and it never asks for a pay rise either!  So while the Conscious Mind is busy dealing with logic based matters and rationalising things. The Unconscious Mind is working in the background running the body, keeping the cardio-vascular system working, your digestion, healing any damage, releasing hormones etc etc Plus the Unconscious Mind has the job of remembering everything, from what you learnt at school, to phone numbers as well as to repress any memories that may have uncomfortable emotions attached to them.

In our branch of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching we respect the Unconscious Mind – as the ancient cultures did. We appreciate it’s contribution to the individual’s well being and understand that it play’s a vital role in our existence.

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