NLP Practitioner

Every single aspect of your life is influenced by how you feel about being “You.” There is a direct relationship to everything in your world and how you feel about yourself.

If you believe that you have low self esteem or a lack of self confidence, does that general belief work for you or does it stop you from reaching for your goals and dreams. Or does it limit your options or choices?  The commonly held belief is that if you have low self esteem, then you have to learn to live with it, you will forever be a victim of that problem. In society today people get diagnosed with all sort of “mental disorders” and the commonly perceived solution is chemical intervention, it seems that this is how science has evolved. Taking medication for a condition is OK. But what many people don’t realise is that there are other things you can do to help yourself,  in a different way. Help yourself by using other methods that are quick, fast and really easy to do.

No one is born with a lack of self-esteem, that’s not what happens. Yet the popular belief is that a person can’t do anything about that problem. They believe, “this is how I am.” And the best it can possibly get is by spending, years and years and years, trying to get over the problem. WOW! Really that’s a waste of life! – Years to overcome it? Really. The truth is that you can do this significantly faster and in a more effective way.

Low self esteem or a lack of confidence, is not who you are, it’s a process, you are DOING something to create the thoughts, behaviours and feelings that you believe are low self esteem. That means it can be changed and it can be changed now.

The fact is that these things can be changed right now. They can and yet millions of people all over the world let a lack of confidence control every single aspect of their lives. It doesn’t have to be that way because  low self –esteem is not who you are, therefore it doesn’t have to stay with you forever.

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