NLP & The Perfect Relationship Part 1

NLP & Relationships

NLP & Relationships

Would you love to have the perfect relationship?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re unhappy or unfulfilled and the relationships you’ve had or the relationship you’re in, just doesn’t work for you anymore?

Maybe you seem to keep repeating the same behaviours the same mistakes, drawing the same kind of relationships to you?

Are you ready for the perfect relationship now?

During our NLP Practitioner Certification Training we give you specific tools that you can implement to have the relationship that you want. The process is specifically for anyone who has been in a relationship for a while, who has recently started a relationship or anyone that is single.

What’s not immediately obvious is the primary reason we have relationships at all. You need to understand is that relationships are not for the purpose of being happy, we are searching for happiness and we would love to be happy in every area of our life. However the truth is that relationships are not about being happy, we seek relationships for the purpose of being whole, finding the other half of who we truly are. So any relationship that doesn’t cause us to grow and develop into wholeness detracts from us as an individual.

So the very first thing that we have to do is change our thinking:

Consider this in terms of our relationships outside of ourselves, everything that we say about the relationship outside applies to the relationship inside. What does this mean?? Well everything you say about your significant other, the primary relationship in your life that you have or that you want to have, is directly related to the relationship that you have between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind.

Carl Jung said something that was very interesting, he said “‘that which is most repressed within us must by need be projected out of us”, essentially we are married to or will marry our unconscious minds, if you do not resolve your deepest suppressed unresolved issues then you will by need project them outside of yourself onto that which you want most, so all of your fears will be manifested in the one you love!! You’ll discover why we do that when you attend Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

What’s outside is a reflection of what’s inside and what’s inside is a reflection of what’s outside. I understand that you are now keen to know so much more, and all will be made clear at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training. So secure your place, come along and allow us to share the secrets of the perfect relationship and we guarantee to expand your thinking.


Article by Colin McKay – who is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also an Advanced Practitioner of Huna, having taken many additional programs with Tad and Adriana.

 Colin worked for Tad and Adriana at the Tad James Company over a period of 2 years in Sydney. This experience has allowed us to tailor our International Training & Coaching Programs, so they are specifically designed to ensure that all of our students get the maximum benefit from the life changing knowledge base of skills and techniques that is NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.
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