Understanding the Rules for Achievement Part 2

In this series of blog posts relating to the Rules of Achievement, that appear here  and on the Mind Training Systems webpage, we’ll share with you some essential insights that will allow you to create the life you really want:

The Second Rule of Achievement

“You need to understand what is important to you, understand the basic values that drive you”

Rules For Achievement 2 – Understand What’s Important to You

This is a critical aspect that you need to consider and get clear on. Discover what your values are in the context you are focusing on creating the change in. You have to understand what’s important to you in this context, to figure out the factors that drive you and to write them down. Writing it down is important because it’s keeping a record of all of your developments and then that serves you by demonstrating the changes that you have made and it makes the whole process undeniable for you.

Here’s an example – Sam opened the notebook at a fresh page and at the top of it she wrote in big bold letters VALUES and alongside it she wrote the question. “What is important to me about my career?”

Sam then proceeded to write down her values. She kept asking herself the question over and over again to stimulate the flow of this important information, and this is what she got.

VALUES – “What is important to me about your career?”

  • Fun  4
  • Exciting  6
  • Freedom  8
  • Self worth  3
  • Achievement  2
  • Contribution  5
  • Money  7
  • Security  10
  • A sense of belonging  9
  • Respect  11
  • Admiration  12
  • Intellectual stimulation  1

After Sam had managed to get all of her values out and on paper, and rest assured there were many more than you see here we have only given you her top twelve for the sake of space. Sam then reviewed all of the values that she had written out and numbered them putting them into an order of importance, number one being her most important value, number two her second most important value and so on. She then rewrote her list only really paying attention to her top twelve values, so laid out on a clean page in her notebook was the list you see below.


    • Intellectual stimulation
    • Achievement
    • Self worth
    • Fun 
    • Contribution 
    • Exciting 
    • Money 
    • Freedom 
    • A sense of belonging 
    • Security 
    • Respect 
    • Admiration 

By working through this process, you’ll start to get a real feeling of clarity and progress, it will also make you realise how important it is to maintain life balance too.

So the exercise for you to complete now is to determine the values in the area of life where you want to create change. Maybe the area you will pick will be career, maybe relationships, health & fitness or personal development or spirituality. When you’ve completed the exercise then check out the Third Rule of Achievement back on the Mind Training System page.

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