Simple Steps to Improve Your Confidence with NLP

NLP confidenceThere are lots of things you can do that make you feel better. New hair style, new outfit or handbag or go out for a meal. But how long does that “Feeling Better” last?? A moment, an hour, a day or if you’re lucky a week.

Here’s some NLP tips to get you started on how to discover the secret to improving your confidence and really feeling good about yourself.

It starts with you. Not other people around you. It’s all about you and your thinking.

Confidence = CLARITY and CERTAINTY in your life.

The truth is that all too often the areas where you lack confidence are the ones where you lack Clarity, Certainty and Focus.
5 NLP Tips for Creating Clarity, Certainty and therefore CONFIDENCE = S.M.A.R.T which means you empowered to design your future the way you want it.

So in NLP terms what does S.M.A.R.T stand for:

S – Specific and Simple
M – Measurable and Meaningful
A – As if now and All areas of life
R – Realistic and Responsible
T – Timed and Toward what you want
Specific – So “I want to be more confident talking in public” is not specific. Instead you want to think, “I can present to 60 people with the same inner confidence that I feel when…….?” (the feeling you get when you do something that you are confident and passionate about)

Measurable – So think about the measure that will tell you that you have succeeded, maybe it is from a positive peer review?

As if now – the end statement that represents the goal which must be languaged in a way that tells you it has already happened.

Realistic – if you have lacked confidence for years and are unwilling to do anything about it but expect to present confidently tomorrow….. well that would be unrealistic.

Timed – the actual date and even time that your goal has been achieved has to be in your goal statement.

So an example would be….

It is the 3pm on the 14th of June 2016, I’m standing in the conference rooms of the Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane having just finished my confidently presented sales talk which has been very well received by the 60 colleagues present, 10 of whom have congratulated me personally and I feel great.

The final secret step, that many people often miss, is that you need to run your clearly defined well written goal through what we call the certainty model. You want to read your goal through to yourself and pay very close attention to whether or not you BELIEVE it to be possible, remember our unconscious mind delivers us what we believe in. So if you are not 100% congruent with the goal that you have set, that means you have doubt and your focus will be driven by the doubts that you feel and your results will be whatever you are focused on.

To develop belief you either need to let go of negative emotions and limiting decisions that are stopping you achieving your goal with Time Line Therapy® techniques and NLP. Or re-write your goal in smaller steps so you can believe in it now and build from there. It is very important that we teach our unconscious minds that we can have all that we want.

This may sound like a Goal Setting Model – but it comes down to Certainty and having the belief that you can have what you want. We deliver on our beliefs, so if you want to learn more about achieving certainty on the things you want in life contact us.