Changing or Challenging Your Beliefs Can Change Your Reality

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In this article we are going to explore our beliefs. In his book “The Holographic Universe”, Michael Talbot clearly highlights the importance of beliefs. Our reality is formed from what we believe and the beliefs that we hold onto and this is something that we explore during our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training here at Mind Training Systems.

I guess a good question to ask yourself is,  what is it that I believe? Are those beliefs empowering you and supporting you on your path? Is your belief real? Are you willing to believe something new that will support you in what you want to achieve moving forward?

You see, when you have a belief that truly resonates with you, you hold on to it and make it yours. Then you can be right with yourself. AND you can stop caring what other people think about your belief  because it resonates and  most importantly it works for you.

Have you seen the sequel to the Matrix? There’s a great quote that sums up this idea being right with yourself and being on your path. There’s a scene where Morpheus is arguing with the General about how to defend his home city. The General’s argument was that everyone should stay and fight. Yet Morpheus had a strong opinion on the matter, that finding Neo and heading back into the Matrix was the only way to save everyone.

The General said, “Not everyone believes what you believe Morpheus.”

Morpheus calmly responds “My beliefs don’t require them to”.

Now that’s interesting! It says that when you are right with yourself and with the world, when you are centred and calm and balanced as you move along your path. It’s then that you are right with your beliefs and undisturbed that other people have different beliefs to your own. Essentially, there is no conflict.

Yet all too often we spend too much time thinking about what other people think we should think. The thing is, that once you find your path and you feel right with yourself, that you are congruent, aligned and solid in your beliefs. You then know that the different beliefs that others have, have no bearing on what is true for you.

Changing or challenging your beliefs can change your reality.

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