Are your decisions limiting you?

Are your decisions limiting you?

Are Your Decisions Limiting You? Part 2

For the most part a limiting belief will prevent the individual from even testing that limitation. With little or no evidence, they stop themselves from even trying. Someone who thinks they are too old to learn something new, won’t even sign up for a study course. Someone who thinks they’re not particularly attractive won’t go on a date. This means that the individual slowly cuts down their options and limits the choices that are available to them.

It’s these type of limiting beliefs that we should be concerned about – the ones that are stopping us from going out there and getting our goals and achieving our dreams. As I said in Part 1 – the decisions that you have made (both consciously and unconsciously) have shaped the life that you have to date and will influence you going out into the future. Your results (whether good or not so good) are based on what you believe.

Now that’s really useful to know – especially if you have produced results you don’t want. By knowing that you have influenced your results is EMPOWERING. It means that if your results aren’t what you want, then there’s going to be a limiting belief lurking somewhere, that you can discover and change.

You can create changes using NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques so that you start producing the results that you want.

Let’s take a look at how a limiting belief can create unwanted results in your life.

Say for example you get into a new relationship but you spend your whole time thinking “I hope she doesn’t leave me”, “I hope I won’t get hurt again”, “I hope she won’t break my heart.” Then that kind of thinking it likely to produce behaviour and projections that will create those results

Here’s another example, maybe your finances aren’t in great shape. You work long hours, you work really hard to generate a half decent income but you can’t ever quite seem to get out of debt. You’ve tried budgeting, you’ve tried cutting back and just buy the essential but your still falling behibd instead of getting ahead.

In both these examples there will definitely be limiting beliefs at play that cause these unwanted results to be produced.

Now it’s time for you to take a look at your results. Are you producing results you want or are you producing results you don’t want? Is there an area of your life where you have REALLY tried to make improvements but no matter what you’ve done, thing s haven’t got any better yet?

This is the place to start to uncover your limiting decisions. And in Part 3, we’ll have a look at how you can use NLP and Time Line Therapy™ to change those old limiting decisions.


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