New Year’s Celebrations are Over. So What’s Your Plan?

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

With the New Year celebrations over, the clock of 2014 ticks away, the question is: “What have YOU done to ensure YOUR perfect future? ”

Ok, February has just started and yet January seemed to zoom by! Before you know it, you’ll be sitting there in 2015 wondering where the year went. That is unless YOU take action NOW to take control of YOUR future and don’t you owe it to yourself to succeed this year?

The safest place to invest now is in YOU! Think of it, there will never be any regrets about gaining more skills, about educating yourself and having more personal power to withstand anything that life throws at you! And you can learn new strategies and new skills for dealing with the new times ahead in a successful and easy way!

Take a look at the job market for example, where there is a constant competition for talent and skill. Every business knows that to grow it’s essential that they have competent people who can get results. So, people who can do a good job are recruited sooner, paid more, and promoted faster than people who are not competent or motivated.

Remember: The safest place to invest now is in YOU, and Mind Training Systems. is the best provider to reach excellence.

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NLP Practitioner Certification Training

There’s still time to get booked in for this exciting and enlightening program!

Come and experience our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training and we will give you a specific process…..the “HOW TO”…. for creating change in your life. The Secret told us all what it was about….we want you to know How to do it…. easily and consistently turn your unfulfilled dreams into reality.

• We will assist you to identify and eliminate your personal blocks. Replacing them with resourceful and effective strategies to totally empower you to create lasting change in your life
Change the person you were into the person that you have always wanted to be, NOW!!

• Change your unconscious beliefs about money and become a magnet for all the financial and energetic resources that you truly deserve
Have the certainty that you can set goals and dreams without restriction or limit

• Dramatically change and improve the dynamics and communication within all of your relationships, when you change yourself then all that you see outside of you changes also.
Make these changes in your life NOW, and be amazed at how quick, easy and effective it is.

• Learn the simple rules that will guarantee you the clarity that you need for success

SO if you are reading this and realise that there is an area of your life that is just not working for you? And you have tried time and time again to implement change but with no real effect? And most importantly you are definitely ready to change these old patterns NOW!!! Then our NLP Practitioner Certification Training is the program for you. This exciting life changing training will allow you to easily transform any area of your life, breaking free from old habitual patterns forever. Your time is now, and you owe it to yourself to learn a more effective way of living. Embrace 2016 knowing that you are empowered to achieve all that you desire, by simply choosing to design the future the way that you want it.

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Our NLP Practitioner Training Will Allow YOU to Develop Supreme Levels of Self Confidence

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

For the majority of people today, there’s at least one area of their life where they suffer with a lack of self confidence. Maybe it’s presenting to a group of people at work, maybe it’s starting the process of dating to find a new relationship. Often the anxious feelings or the emotion of fear will stop someone from achieving the great results that they deserve.

Here in the UK, a common problem for people is public speaking. Focusing on a negative outcome combined with the emotion of fear stops someone in their tracks. Often individuals confidence dips because they worry about their language skills, they are frightened of getting it wrong or being heckled or laughed at by the audience or they worry about going red or not being understood. The result is they suffer from stage fright – stunned like a rabbit in the headlights – they can’t speak or they stumble, uncomfortably or their words. Not a nice experience at all!!

So, how would it be if there was a proven program that had been developed to train individuals the exact process for getting rid of these fears and concerns? How would it be if there was a program that also allowed people to not only speak confidently, they were able to use language in an influential and compelling way. A program that was so outstanding that it also unlocked the secrets of how to achieve great rapport with one other person or a group of people. The programme is called the FasTrak NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

In our FasTrak NLP Practitioner Certification Training we combine potent and proven results based technologies to guarantee your success in creating the changes that you want to make. You will learn NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Time Line Therapy™, Creating Your Future™ Coaching Techniques and Hypnosis. By eliminating the types of thinking that prevent from achieving all those things you want to succeed in; these powerful modalities will allow you to look at your world and yourself with a new set of eyes. You will have a renewed perspective and the clarity that has been missing. Allowing you to set goals towards what you want in a way that will cause them to happen.

Mind Training Systems FasTrak NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you will in charge of your emotion state in every aspect of your life. With this level of clarity and control you will easily learn how to tap into your personal resources to utilise these abilities and achieve all that you want. How exciting!!!

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Developing Your Mind Using NLP

Sign Up for our Free NLP Intro E-course

Sign Up for our Free NLP Intro E-course

Welcome to our NLP Practitioner page. There’s lots of valuable information on this blog, so do enjoy reading the articles and watching the videos.

I’ve included on this page a sign up to our NLP Intro E-course because NLP is really an attitude of your mind – a way of doing things that fosters a willingness to explore what could be. It’s a way of expanding your world of possibilities. So on the Intro E-course,we’ll share with you some of the trade secrets which will be sent to your Inbox so you can read and action them.

What we are going to be sharing with you, you can use right away. Whether it’s with family, friends, work colleagues. The more you use it – the better you get at it.

So why are you here? Whenever I write an article or I have a group of people with me, I presuppose that they have a reason for being here. Because if you don’t have a reason for being here, you would be somewhere else, wouldn’t you? So what are your personal reasons for being here? Why bother reading this article and investigating NLP?

It might be because you have had some experiences of communicating  in the past, or of being in a position of influence, which maybe didn’t go quite as well as you would have liked. Or maybe it went OK, but you thought, I can do better, out in the future.

Maybe your current situation means you are having to look to do things in a different way. You want to create some change.

Or maybe there are things you are wanting to do in the future. Maybe you want to change your career, or improve your career or improve your personal relationships. Maybe there’s an area of your life that you want to make a change in…..but you don’t know how to………yet!

Before you sign up to our NLP Intro E-course, take a moment to review your reasons for doing it. Your reasons are perfect and maybe your reasons will change as you get stuck in to the E-course and that’s perfect too.

One significant finding coming from NLP is that you receive far better results when you start with the end in mind, when you are clear about your reasons for wanting to achieve your goals and outcomes.

The question we ask is: ‘What would my reasons for being here have to be, such that, be the end of the NLP Intro E-course, if all my reasons were satisfied, I would have to say to myself ‘that was the NLP Intro E-course I have ever taken!’

Exercise – Take 5 minutes to write Goals for the Training

Now that you’ve done that, simply fill out the Sign up form on this page and get started with our NLP Intro E-course.

If you have any questions – do email us on

Are your decisions limiting you?

Are your decisions limiting you?

Are Your Decisions Limiting You? Part 2

For the most part a limiting belief will prevent the individual from even testing that limitation. With little or no evidence, they stop themselves from even trying. Someone who thinks they are too old to learn something new, won’t even sign up for a study course. Someone who thinks they’re not particularly attractive won’t go on a date. This means that the individual slowly cuts down their options and limits the choices that are available to them.

It’s these type of limiting beliefs that we should be concerned about – the ones that are stopping us from going out there and getting our goals and achieving our dreams. As I said in Part 1 – the decisions that you have made (both consciously and unconsciously) have shaped the life that you have to date and will influence you going out into the future. Your results (whether good or not so good) are based on what you believe.

Now that’s really useful to know – especially if you have produced results you don’t want. By knowing that you have influenced your results is EMPOWERING. It means that if your results aren’t what you want, then there’s going to be a limiting belief lurking somewhere, that you can discover and change.

You can create changes using NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques so that you start producing the results that you want.

Let’s take a look at how a limiting belief can create unwanted results in your life.

Say for example you get into a new relationship but you spend your whole time thinking “I hope she doesn’t leave me”, “I hope I won’t get hurt again”, “I hope she won’t break my heart.” Then that kind of thinking it likely to produce behaviour and projections that will create those results

Here’s another example, maybe your finances aren’t in great shape. You work long hours, you work really hard to generate a half decent income but you can’t ever quite seem to get out of debt. You’ve tried budgeting, you’ve tried cutting back and just buy the essential but your still falling behibd instead of getting ahead.

In both these examples there will definitely be limiting beliefs at play that cause these unwanted results to be produced.

Now it’s time for you to take a look at your results. Are you producing results you want or are you producing results you don’t want? Is there an area of your life where you have REALLY tried to make improvements but no matter what you’ve done, thing s haven’t got any better yet?

This is the place to start to uncover your limiting decisions. And in Part 3, we’ll have a look at how you can use NLP and Time Line Therapy™ to change those old limiting decisions.


What would happen if you did book our NLP Practitioner Training?

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is Life Changing!

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is Life Changing!

I know this is a question that many people ask themselves before they secure their place at a NLP Practitioner Training. I was chatting to one of our Graduates, in fact, because they booked their training with us, they are actually a Graduate at the Practitioner level in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis & NLP Coaching. I was asking her what’s different since she took the training and what have the benefits been for her. Here’s what she told me:

“When I booked my place at Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training, it really was a lot of effort to get there! Not only did I have to get the money together in the first place, their was child care to organise, travel arrangements, organising time off from work. At the time, it seemed like I had a mountain to climb!  Looking back though, I can honestly say this has been (to date) the most important training I’ve ever been on. I followed Catherine and Colin’s advice, I implemented what they taught me and it’s made these learnings and this training into a fantastic opportunity for me in terms of my career and my relationship. (I’m booked in to do NLP Master Practitioner with Mind Training Systems for 2014.)

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner training has been useful for me because it’s allowed me to increase my income and it’s allowed me to help my child in school with new strategies for learning. Since the NLP training I am able to easily use the tools I discovered to confidently build rapport with people. I can definitely say that NLP has helped me to better understanding my thought processes and I understand a lot more about other people think as well. This has been a major benefit to me in my relationship.

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is life changing! If you are reading this, then I recommend you give them a call and book your place today!”

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NLP Practitioner

Every single aspect of your life is influenced by how you feel about being “You.” There is a direct relationship to everything in your world and how you feel about yourself.

If you believe that you have low self esteem or a lack of self confidence, does that general belief work for you or does it stop you from reaching for your goals and dreams. Or does it limit your options or choices?  The commonly held belief is that if you have low self esteem, then you have to learn to live with it, you will forever be a victim of that problem. In society today people get diagnosed with all sort of “mental disorders” and the commonly perceived solution is chemical intervention, it seems that this is how science has evolved. Taking medication for a condition is OK. But what many people don’t realise is that there are other things you can do to help yourself,  in a different way. Help yourself by using other methods that are quick, fast and really easy to do.

No one is born with a lack of self-esteem, that’s not what happens. Yet the popular belief is that a person can’t do anything about that problem. They believe, “this is how I am.” And the best it can possibly get is by spending, years and years and years, trying to get over the problem. WOW! Really that’s a waste of life! – Years to overcome it? Really. The truth is that you can do this significantly faster and in a more effective way.

Low self esteem or a lack of confidence, is not who you are, it’s a process, you are DOING something to create the thoughts, behaviours and feelings that you believe are low self esteem. That means it can be changed and it can be changed now.

The fact is that these things can be changed right now. They can and yet millions of people all over the world let a lack of confidence control every single aspect of their lives. It doesn’t have to be that way because  low self –esteem is not who you are, therefore it doesn’t have to stay with you forever.

Discover how your emotional well being can make or break your career


NLP Practitioner Mind Training Tip: Your Focus (Part 1)

NLP Practitioner Mind Training Tip

NLP Practitioner Mind Training Tip

In this video, Catherine talks about the importance of your focus.

How you think, what you think about, what you hold in your mind influences your behaviours and actions which generate your results. So understand your focus and how to align your focus is vital for generating the results that you want in your life.

All too often people habitually focus on what they don’t want. Most people in fact have a very clear idea of what they don’t want, what’s not acceptable to them. However, very few have figured out what they do want. Investing time and energy into working out what you do want, what your goals and outcomes are is a great starting point.

Then you must train yourself to focus on your goal. On the things that you do want. It’s vital that you align all of your thinking, what you say and also your actions towards the very outcome that you desire. By being determined and sticking to it and having a focus like a laser beam, eventually you will create the very things that you want in your reality.

Here’s the link to the video on You Tube

NLP Practitioner Mind Training Tip: Your Focus

Having watched this video you may also be interested in another article that features on our sister webpage Mind Training Systems. In this article we talk about the Power of Your Mind and Your Focus. Be sure to bookmark this page and also share it with your friends. Together, let’s assist others to create change, so they too can have their future by design also.

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90% of our functioning is Unconscious

90% of our functioning is Unconscious

90% of Your Functioning is Unconscious

It’s an interesting and useful fact for all NLP Practitioners to be aware of, that 90% of a human beings functioning is Unconscious.

You’ll know from previous articles posted on the site, that your Unconscious Mind is a powerful piece of kit! well let’s face it, it’s main job is to preserve and run your body! And there’s no way you could possibly do that consciously when we take into account just a few of the vast and complicated functions of the body. Eg, breathing, keeping the heart beating, blinking, regulation of hormones, digestion etc etc Click on the link to find out more about your Unconscious Mind.

So we can recognise that our Unconscious Mind does a lot for us in terms of running and maintaining our physical form, but let’s now take a look at how this translates into how we learn, how behave and how we change.

All Learning, Behaviour and Change are Unconscious

This is a vital premise, so let’s see how this works:

Do remember the things you learned in school? How many degrees are in a right angle?

Did you get the answer?

The correct answer is 90 degrees.

Now assuming you got an answer, where did that information come from? Where was that answer before I asked you? Someone stored in your unconscious was the answer, then when you were asked the question you became consciously aware of it.

What’s your home phone number or your cell phone number? Say it to yourself in your head now? Where was that before I asked you? You certainly did start reading this article with a conscious thought of, “I bet they are going to ask me to recall my phone number!” Your phone number is stored unconsciously, then when I asked you to recall it, it came into your conscious awareness.

Everything that you have learned ends up being stored at the unconscious level. Everything we learn ends up being relegated to the unconscious to store and take care of. First of all you learn it consciously, like driving a car and now you drive. You don’t think about it you just drive. Driving of course is a behaviour.

All behaviour that we do is also unconscious.

Moving your arm is an unconscious process (starts with conscious volition) but we have 159 muscles in the arm and we couldn’t possibly try to control all of them consciously. That’s according to Dr Janet Travell’s  in her book  “Myofascial pain and dysfunction” where she says that there are over 600 muscle pairs in the body so over 1200 muscles. You couldn’t possibly move them all consciously.

So ALL of our behaviour is relegated to the unconscious. The way we respond to people, the way we create things or don’t create things and how we interfere in the process called life is using behaviour. AND our behaviour is unconscious.

Change is also Unconscious. Have you ever tried to change a habit consciously?? How long did it take?? Normally trying to create a change consciously is a long, hard, difficult process, it takes lots of effort that generates inconsistent results.

However, when a change happens that the unconscious level, it happens instantly and can last forever. Maybe you’ve had a situation like that happen, or you’ve heard of someone who has. Something changed and then life was never the same after that.

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching we pre-suppose the co-operation of the Unconscious Mind which makes it easy to let go of negative emotions and self imposed limitations in an instant – thus creating life changing results.


NLP Practitioner – The Blame Game

It’s interesting that we live in a society where lots of people are playing the blame game. They have lots of reasons why they “could have been”, “should have been”, “would have been” if it wasn’t for “X” and they point the finger at that person or situation to validate their reasons. The consequence of doing that though is that people aren’t getting great results in life.

Think about people you know. How’s it going for them? Are they living their dream life? Are they enjoying loving and supportive relationships? Are they actualised in their career? Are they 100% happy and healthy? Or are they blaming others for things not going so well?

It’s easy to blame others when things aren’t going well but in the process of blaming something or someone else you give away control of your life. That’s the truth of it. You hand over your personal power and your sense of personal self determination.

As long as you blame others you can’t learn anything. There’s no resources available to you. If I say “it’s not me!” – then I can’t change it. In fact when you do that, all you can do is “hope” that someone will help you or “hope” that things might be different in the future. There’s no guarantees when all you have is hope.

Blaming others is not empowering, in fact, it’s extremely Dis-empowering.

Now’s the time to give up blaming other people. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for your own happiness and for your reactions to other people and circumstances around you. If you are feeling unhappy, remind yourself that YOU CAN make yourself happy. If you blame other people for your unhappiness you have handed over the control of your life to them.

When you stop blaming other people, you regain control over your life, you recover your Personal POWER. You step up to becoming the Creator of Your Life because you become the decision maker.

Life is a great deal more enjoyable, fun, satisfying and easier when you stop blaming others.

In fact it’s one of the significant differences between those people that achieve results and those people that don’t. And that has no relationship between your age, gender, education or background.

Want to live a more enjoyable life Click here and get our Free NLP Information Pack.


NLP Practitioner – Top Tips For Great Communication

1. Invest your time and energy in perfecting your communication skills as it leads to more opportunities in your life.

communication NLP Practitioner

Communication NLP Practitioner

2. Learning about communication is vital because you’ll discover how to convey your message and your ideas more effectively.

3. Enhancing your knowledge of communication means you will have a greater understanding of information that is being communicated to you.

4. Be responsible for your communication and that your message is being conveyed accurately. A NLP Practitioner will look out for key pointers including, listening to words, observing body language and by asking questions. This will provide you with information about whether your message is being received and understood.

5. Address problems immediately instead of burying your head in the sand overlooking an issue. Take action and address them. All too often people look to blame other people, attempt to justify themselves or deny a difficult situation instead of realising they have the power to change it.

Take charge and look for a solution to move things to a move positive plane. A problem gives you an opportunity to learn something and also to change something which assist your personal growth and development and that of others who are involved too.

Are there any outstanding problems or issues in your life that need to be addressed?

What are you willing to do to resolve them now?

If you want to become masterful and an expert in communication, you need to have an solid understanding of the process of communication. Communicating is more than just the content. It is more than talking and listening; it’s more than the words we speak.

Communicating is the combination of three important elements which make up the communication process. These elements are:

1. The words we speak
2. How we speak them – our voice tone, tempo and volume
3. Our non-verbal body language, gestures and facial expressions.

Communication Fact
Approximately, 93% of your communication has nothing to do with your words you use! It takes more than just words to express yourself, build rapport and be influential.

Get started today by booking your place at our NLP Practitioner Training. Get your free NLP Practitioner Information pack here



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