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Boosting Your Confidence with NLP

Why is  it that there are millions of people across the planet, searching for effective ways to boost their self esteem and improve their confidence?

It appears that in society today, people aim for unrealistic and impossible standards – they compare themselves to “beautiful”, rich celebrities, for example,  this chips away at their confidence and can make the person wish that they were somebody else.

The great news is that with NLP you can rebuild your damaged confidence, or enhance it if you just want an extra boost of self-esteem.

How to Create a Positive Confidence Cycle

A lack of confidence can be a destructive cycle. For example, let’s say that you are meeting new people. You start to worry about what you will do and say, and you remember that last time you met new people, it was a disaster. The result is that you start to over-analyse everything that you do and say, attacking your own confidence. Your body becomes anxious and so it becomes harder for you to relax. People can sense that you are tense and might think that you are shy. You take their reaction to you as a sign that they don’t like you. And so the cycle perpetuates itself.

How can you change this negative cycle? It’s easy! The first step is to remember that confidence is attainable. You do have it. You have experienced confidence in the past. All it takes is a shift in how you think. Instead of recalling times when people didn’t like you, remember all the positive encounters you have had. Tell yourself that you are likeable and confident. When you believe it, you will act like a confident person. To help you make this even easier employ the following techniques:

Boost Your Confidence with Visualisation

Think of a confident person that you know and would like to be like. Picture the way that they move, talk and act. Imagine how it feels to be that person. As you do, move your body to match their posture. Copy the way that they talk, walk and sit. You can even imagine that you are that person while talking to other people. It can help to imagine that it is not really you having this conversation or making that speech, but that you are acting the part of a confident person doing so. Your brain doesn’t know the difference – when you act confident, you start to feel more confident.

One powerful technique for improving confidence is to imagine that the confident person has a white light around them. Imagine that light is their confidence. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into the white light. The light will protect you, and it will make you confident. Step into that light and feel the confidence surround you. Thousands of people use this tip to help them with public speaking, for example.

Create a Confidence Anchor

In our NLP Training you will learn about Anchoring. Another powerful way to boost confidence is to think back to a time when you felt very confident. If you can’t, imagine that you are a confident person that you admire. Picture exactly how you felt – how people reacted to you, how happy you felt, how brave you were. Let the feelings fill your body. When you have done this a few times, add a physical trigger to the feeling. For example, rub your hand on your thigh or rub your earlobe (something that won’t attract too much attention).
Keep recalling those confident feelings and performing the same action over and over again. You are creating an anchor. From now on, when you need to feel more confident, you can perform your anchor. You will feel a surge of confidence as your self-esteem rises.

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