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The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

It’s fair to say that a lot of people have found themselves in this situation at some time in their lives. You want to move forward but somehow you feel stuck. It’s like you need a fresh idea or something to give you a metaphorically kick up the arse! If you are experiencing this problem or you know someone that is here’s the NLP Practitioner’s 5 quick ways to get beyond this resistance and get unstuck:
1. Change your focus: Sometimes it’s as simple as re-directing your thoughts and having a change of perspective. Maybe moving your attention onto a new hobby or past time, taking a different route to work or giving your daily routine a bit of a shake up will create a new spark of inspiration.
2. Take Back Control: Sometimes it’s good to say “No” and take some time out for yourself. By doing this you can take back control of your time.
3. Time to Reassess: In fact #2 allows you the opportunity to sit down and reassess how things are going. Maybe make a list of tasks you have completed and those still to do. Make a plan to complete the outstanding tasks by either doing them yourself or hiring someone to do them for you.
4. Set Some Goals: Create some goals and outcomes so you have something to look forward to.
5. Be Patient: Nothing lasts forever, life constantly changes. Your feelings of frustration and feeling stuck will change too. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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NLP Practitioner’s Guide to Investing Your Time Wisely

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner’s Guide to Investing Your Time Wisely

In this post let’s take a look at the NLP Practitioner’s Guide to Investing Your Time Wisely. There are 24 hours in the day and how we choose to use those 24 hours will have a dramatic impact on how and when we achieve our goals.

I think that almost everyone who reads this post will agree that the more you focus on your goals, the more you give those outcomes priority in your life. Then the more quickly you achieve or are successful in getting those results. This is particularly true if you have already invested some time in removing many or all of the distracting obstacles that were in your way on the road to success. If you have also invested time in establishing your values and figuring out your strengths then this means you have the ability to now focus on what’s truly important.

It’s fair to say that highly successful individuals have developed the ability to be very focused on what they want. They know the value of their time, they understand the priorities and where their strengths are and the rest they delegate. By being able to remain focused on what’s important, that means that you are not sidetracked by distractions, like mindlessly scrolling through Facebook throughout the day or being glued to the TV for hours on end.

Make those 24 hours work for you by concerning yourself with your most important priorities and that way you will achieve heaps more in less time.

The truth is that “life” will always offer you more than you can possibly do with the time that’s available. You must become wise in how you decide to invest your time and energy. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule already which says that 20% of your activity will produce 80% of your results.

So, think about that for a minute. Now identify what’s your 20%? If you run your own business, what’s the 20% that generates you the majority of your sales? What are the handful of activities that create the results for you?

It’s important that you identify what these results producing activities are and then spend more time on developing them because then you will really transform your business or the area of life you are focusing on.

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NLP Practitioner’s Guide to Free Will

NLP Practitioner Guide to Free Will

NLP Practitioner Guide to Free Will

A person’s existence on this planet provides the individual with many opportunities, one of those is to follow a path to elevate to higher levels of consciousness. This journey often starts (or has started) when people book to attend our NLP Practitioner Training. All of us have free will when it comes to our personal development, it’s our free will to choose to create or not create changes purposefully in our lives. Which means of course, that no one is guaranteed to climb the ladder of personal and indeed spiritual development. Free will only comes about if we include the concept of time in our existence.

However in doing this, a common misconception is that, somehow, being a “good” person or all “good” things go unrewarded while “bad” people or “wickedness” in the world goes scot-free.

Distance created by time can stop an individual from understanding the correlation between events in their lives now and events in their lives from the past. This is where NLP and Time Line Therapy ® become useful in shedding light on these connections. It’s possible that the roots of a problem were created 25 years ago. But like the roots of a plant, it remains buried underground and invisible. As time passes those long forgotten roots produce a tree (chaos) that is large and visible and very much in the person’s conscious awareness.

From the NLP Practitioner’s perspective and indeed from a Time Line Therapy ® perspective, nothing happens by chance. Everything can be traced back to a root cause that was planted in the person’s past. Chaos appears because time has separates cause from effect. Everyone faces the consequences of one’s actions, big or small, at some point in the future. It could be months, years or maybe a few lifetimes (if you believe in past lives of course).

To resolve the chaos using NLP and Time Line Therapy ® techniques the individual can create change by digging out the root cause of the problem, so that it will never return. Thus creating the space to create a compelling future instead. But, that’s a choice to do that, it’s the person’s free will.

Discover more about how when you Change Yourself, You Will Change Others Time Line Therapy ®


NLP Practitioner’s 4 Beliefs That Create Success

NLP Practitioner - Beliefs for Success

NLP Practitioner – Beliefs for Success

You are navigating on your journey, the journey is called Life. It has it’s ups and downs, it’s twists and turns and certainly its joys and its challenges. Sometimes it can be easy to lose your outlook with feelings of being overwhelmed or maybe frustrated with what you are faced with. However, by adopting these 4 POWERFUL Beliefs, you will create and maintain a mindset which will drive you to succeed.

  1. I learn from everything that happens – in NLP we adopt the empowering belief that there is no failure only feedback. That means that whatever happens, it’s just feedback, so you can learn from the experience. If it went well, then great, keep that strategy and use it again. If it didn’t go so well, then great! What did you learn and how are you going to do it differently in the future so you create the desired result. You can learn something from everything that happens, if you are open to it. It’s interesting that if you didn’t learn the lesson the first time, then the situation repeats itself on your journey. Only the next time it (metaphorically) slaps you round the face a bit harder, so you take notice! By asking yourself “what is there for me to learn?” AND being open to receiving an answer, that stops the cycle repeating itself in the future.
  2.  This too will pass – meaning that whatever problem you may be experiencing right now, there will come a time when it’s gone and just a distant memory.  In the middle of a crisis, like a relationship break-up, that’s when it’s feels the worst. But things change and we can move quickly through the negative feelings using NLP, Time Line Therapy ™ & Hypnosis. These techniques allow you to let go of the emotional baggage and ensure that you have a clear set of goals and outcomes that you are focussed on achieving. Prepare yourself to be triumphant by remembering that this too will pass.
  3. Keep moving forward – your past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. Do whatever it takes to move yourself forwards. The sooner you can adopt this mindset the better. No matter what you are faced with, you can overcome it. Assess how you are going to choose to move forward and one top tip for you is the idea that you will “bend not break.” Think of trees in the wind. They will stay firmly anchored to their foundations while the branches gracefully flex and move to accommodate the forces of nature. They have flexibility and that’s what you need to be too, flexible.
  4. If it’s to be, then it’s up to me – let go of the idea of waiting for someone else to change your life! If you want it (whatever that is) then it’s up to you to go make it happen. If you want success, it’s up to you. If you want love, it’s up to you. If you want happiness, then it’s up to you. When you take responsibility for what you want and you take action to make that happen, you unconsciously have set in motion, invisible forces that will assist you in making it happen. Focus on what you want – you can achieve anything you want. If you are going to argue for something, quit arguing for why it won’t work and start arguing for all the ways that it will work.

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NLP Practitioner – 5 Top Tips for Achieving Your Goals

We know that there are lots and lots of people who start each New Year with wonderful dreams and aspirations AND they have the best intentions in the world to achieve them…..BUT….by about this time into the New Year they are finding it tricky to stick to those resolutions or they’ve given up and I’m sure you know someone like this too.

My question is, “Do you want to make 2016 your best year yet?”

Great, then check out these 5 Top Tips from our NLP Practitioner that will assist you to overcome anything that might have stood in your way of achieving your goals.

First of all: Go and get a note pad and something to write with (ok, I’m old school!) Go and grab your iPad and consider these questions, noting the answers because knowing what you want is the crucial initial step to getting it. (That’s what you want, not what you don’t want.)

Then also knowing what is holding you back is equally vital to making sure you get to achieve your goals.

1. What is it that you want to achieve?

This first step is like what we used to call brain storming. Take a no holds barred approach and write down as many goals as you want in any area of your life, for example, career, relationships, health & fitness.

Start by asking yourself if I could be, do or have anything in life, what would it be? Once you have got it all out on paper, then select one goal that will create the biggest change for you. Now decide on what action steps you need to take to get you there, you can just think of the last step and work back from there. At our NLP Practitioner Certification Training, we will take you through putting your own personal dream into your future in such a way that its attainment becomes easy, effortless and assured.

2. Is this goal something I have TRIED to achieve before?

If the answer is yes, that’s fine, you need to then ask yourself, what has stopped me in the past? This might include time, money, not having the right opportunities or resources, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self belief or not knowing how to achieve it. Write all that good stuff down on your pad.

3. Are there any patterns that you have noticed with regards to achieving or not achieving your goals?

Do you for example start something with a huge amount of energy and excitement, only to find your focus and motivation somehow vanish? Do you put off getting started for so long you just give up? Or do you start too many projects at once, and end up overwhelmed?  We share with you at our NLP Practitioner the importance of identifying these old habits, strategies and patterns is key to changing them forever.

4. Do you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

What are you saying to yourself? This is important because your internal dialogue or self talk is a series of instructions or commands to you that can be limiting you from achieving your most prized goals. If your dream for this is the year is to perhaps find the perfect relationship  but you find yourself instead saying to yourself things like “I can’t have a great relationship”, “I don’t deserve it” or “it’s easy for everyone else but not for me” how motivated will you be to achieve your goal? How effective will you be? Listen to what you tell yourself about what you believe limits you and these insights will help you to let go and move forward.

Using Time Line Therapy™ techniques you can easily change those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that support you in achieving what you want.

5. What are the critical changes that you must make in order for you to be totally supported and totally successful in reaching your goals?

Maybe things like, to have more confidence in yourself? Being more creative? Break patterns of self-sabotage? Getting over fear of speaking in public? Write down anything and everything that your unconscious mind reveals to you. Rest assured most of or all of these can be let go of at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

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3 Amazing Facts about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

It’s a little known fact that NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970’s. What’s more it’s been successfully used by politicans, successful leaders in business, advertising agencies & PR companies. NLP techniques it’s prevailing mindset have been adopted by every successful person in the world.

1: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Its Applications in Business

OK, I know Neuro Linguistic Programming…it sounds like a lot of jargon! However, NLP is proven as an extremely valuable tool for today’s global businesses. The benefits to any corporation who use NLP are extensive and include an effective means to conflict resolution, more successful communication, increased ability to influence and motivate others plus increase organisational performance.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and It’s Application in Business


2: What Exactly Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)? & How Does The Media Use It On Us?

From the 1990’s onward, NLP has become a very popular tool in advertising, marketing, and politics. Why? Because by learning NLP you learn a skillset that can be used to influence and motivate people. So it’s no wonder the media use it to sell products, services, ideas and concepts. This article talks about the most commonly used NLP techniques:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What Exactly is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? & How Does The Media Use it On Us?


3: What’s the Evidence For… Neuro Linguistic Programming?

It’s an interesting debate that continues to this day. With hundreds or even thousands of pieces of NLP research, some of which isn’t published or made available to the public or for scientific scrutiny, what does that mean for NLP? Does it work or not?

 What's the evidence for... neuro-linguistic programming?

What’s the Evidence for… Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

If you want to find out more about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) then join us for our FREE NLP Weekend Training.

Overcome your obstacles with NLP

Overcome your obstacles with NLP

Top 4 Obstacles to Success

The best way to be successful is to have a clear outcome in mind. To set well formed goals and outcomes and then take action towards them. But as part of this process it’s really important that you pay close attention to any negative emotions or doubts that come up and deal with them with the proven modalities of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Left unchecked doubts can create obstacles to your success. Here are the 4 most common obstacles that people come up against and here’s some tips on how to overcome them….

You will never FIND time for just anything, if you want time to dedicate to what’s important to you, you must MAKE time. Time is neither for you nor against you but managed properly there is always enough. This is a common problem that people give us when it comes to taking a NLP training, but the truth is that if you don’t have time this year to take the training, then you won’t have time next year either AND that’s exactly why you need to take the training.

Money is merely energy and it is all around us in limitless supply, flowing freely through us in a cycle that fits our beliefs. If you want to change your beliefs about money and discover easy and proven ways to create and tap into the flow of money, then our NLP Practitioner training is the easiest way to do just that.

When you learn NLP you discover how to control your state to produce the best results. Plus one of the most powerful presuppositions of NLP is that you already have all the resources you need to succeed, and you are empowered with the ability to control your state, which allows your access to all of your resources all of the time.

There is no failure only feedback – when it doesn’t go to plan, be thankful. Be grateful for the lessons that you have learned from the feedback and use those lessons to create a different result in the future. Be flexible, be adaptable and adjust your actions to allow you to advance and grow.

When you can let go of these limitations, it means that you can easily and effortlessly diminish any and all obstacles that used to stand in your way and create a clear pathway to your success.

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Changing or Challenging Your Beliefs Can Change Your Reality

NLP Courses

NLP Practitioner Certification Training – understanding our beliefs

In this article we are going to explore our beliefs. In his book “The Holographic Universe”, Michael Talbot clearly highlights the importance of beliefs. Our reality is formed from what we believe and the beliefs that we hold onto and this is something that we explore during our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training here at Mind Training Systems.

I guess a good question to ask yourself is,  what is it that I believe? Are those beliefs empowering you and supporting you on your path? Is your belief real? Are you willing to believe something new that will support you in what you want to achieve moving forward?

You see, when you have a belief that truly resonates with you, you hold on to it and make it yours. Then you can be right with yourself. AND you can stop caring what other people think about your belief  because it resonates and  most importantly it works for you.

Have you seen the sequel to the Matrix? There’s a great quote that sums up this idea being right with yourself and being on your path. There’s a scene where Morpheus is arguing with the General about how to defend his home city. The General’s argument was that everyone should stay and fight. Yet Morpheus had a strong opinion on the matter, that finding Neo and heading back into the Matrix was the only way to save everyone.

The General said, “Not everyone believes what you believe Morpheus.”

Morpheus calmly responds “My beliefs don’t require them to”.

Now that’s interesting! It says that when you are right with yourself and with the world, when you are centred and calm and balanced as you move along your path. It’s then that you are right with your beliefs and undisturbed that other people have different beliefs to your own. Essentially, there is no conflict.

Yet all too often we spend too much time thinking about what other people think we should think. The thing is, that once you find your path and you feel right with yourself, that you are congruent, aligned and solid in your beliefs. You then know that the different beliefs that others have, have no bearing on what is true for you.

Changing or challenging your beliefs can change your reality.

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Simple Steps to Improve Your Confidence with NLP

NLP confidenceThere are lots of things you can do that make you feel better. New hair style, new outfit or handbag or go out for a meal. But how long does that “Feeling Better” last?? A moment, an hour, a day or if you’re lucky a week.

Here’s some NLP tips to get you started on how to discover the secret to improving your confidence and really feeling good about yourself.

It starts with you. Not other people around you. It’s all about you and your thinking.

Confidence = CLARITY and CERTAINTY in your life.

The truth is that all too often the areas where you lack confidence are the ones where you lack Clarity, Certainty and Focus.
5 NLP Tips for Creating Clarity, Certainty and therefore CONFIDENCE = S.M.A.R.T which means you empowered to design your future the way you want it.

So in NLP terms what does S.M.A.R.T stand for:

S – Specific and Simple
M – Measurable and Meaningful
A – As if now and All areas of life
R – Realistic and Responsible
T – Timed and Toward what you want
Specific – So “I want to be more confident talking in public” is not specific. Instead you want to think, “I can present to 60 people with the same inner confidence that I feel when…….?” (the feeling you get when you do something that you are confident and passionate about)

Measurable – So think about the measure that will tell you that you have succeeded, maybe it is from a positive peer review?

As if now – the end statement that represents the goal which must be languaged in a way that tells you it has already happened.

Realistic – if you have lacked confidence for years and are unwilling to do anything about it but expect to present confidently tomorrow….. well that would be unrealistic.

Timed – the actual date and even time that your goal has been achieved has to be in your goal statement.

So an example would be….

It is the 3pm on the 14th of June 2016, I’m standing in the conference rooms of the Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane having just finished my confidently presented sales talk which has been very well received by the 60 colleagues present, 10 of whom have congratulated me personally and I feel great.

The final secret step, that many people often miss, is that you need to run your clearly defined well written goal through what we call the certainty model. You want to read your goal through to yourself and pay very close attention to whether or not you BELIEVE it to be possible, remember our unconscious mind delivers us what we believe in. So if you are not 100% congruent with the goal that you have set, that means you have doubt and your focus will be driven by the doubts that you feel and your results will be whatever you are focused on.

To develop belief you either need to let go of negative emotions and limiting decisions that are stopping you achieving your goal with Time Line Therapy® techniques and NLP. Or re-write your goal in smaller steps so you can believe in it now and build from there. It is very important that we teach our unconscious minds that we can have all that we want.

This may sound like a Goal Setting Model – but it comes down to Certainty and having the belief that you can have what you want. We deliver on our beliefs, so if you want to learn more about achieving certainty on the things you want in life contact us.

NLP Strategies – An Introduction

NLP StrategiesHave you ever considered how many things you actually do in the course of a typical day? Just stop and think for a moment.

Now, you probably came up with some big chunk answers like: you get out of bed, have breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, do some more work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, read or go out, and then go back to bed. And that’s how you would describe your typical day.

But, it’s possible to break it down into smaller chunks and get more specific. Getting up may involve you springing or possibly dragging yourself out of bed, you then have a shower,  you get dressed, and so on. And each of those activities can be specified in more detail: to achieve the apparently simple task of having a shower you have to open the shower door or pull back the curtain, switch on the shower, get into the shower, squeeze out some gel, wash your body and hair, switch off the shower, reach for a towel, get out of the shower and dry yourself. You can see that already that’s quite a lot ‘doing’.

Having said that, it is possible to go even further. To squeeze out some shower gel you first have to locate the bottle and pick it up. Then you have to apply just the right amount of pressure to the bottle. When the gel comes out you need to be ready to catch it and apply it to your body.

As we continue to increase the magnification of the processes that we are engaged in then more information becomes available to us. For example: To apply the right amount of pressure we must have a system for monitoring how much pressure we’re actually applying, and some way of knowing when that amount is ‘right’.

In NLP, the system that we are talking about is called a strategy. Dr Tad James, once said, ‘A strategy is what goes on in your head when you want to do something. All our external behaviors are controlled by internal processing strategies.’

Once you divide activities into their component parts it becomes obvious that over the course of any one day we do countless number of  things. And for every one of those things we have a strategy. We have strategies for brushing our teeth, falling in love, buying a house, clapping our hands, listening to music, contributing to a meeting, digging a hole, scratching an itch, selling a product, buying a product, driving our car, being sad, being happy, sitting reading a book… and compiling lists of examples! We do, literally, have a strategy for everything we do.

Discover more about Strategies at our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training

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