An important part of your NLP Practitioner training includes understanding your conscious mind and also the role of your unconscious mind and how they create results.

At NLP Practitioner you will notice that most people are very aware of their conscious mind, because it’s the most obvious and the most tangible. An expert NLP Practitioner though will form a good grasp and understanding of the unconscious mind also.

The Unconscious Mind has been known by ancient cultures for around 3000 years. Interestingly in modern times western psychology only discovered and started to understand the Unconscious Mind and the concept of the Unconscious Mind around 1900 and 1930. To characterise the Unconscious Mind would be to say that is like a 5 year old child, it’s about simplicity and innocence, wanting to please you and in need of clear, concise instruction.

At our NLP Practitioner we uncover that both ancient cultures and western psychology view the Unconscious Mind in similar ways, it is responsbile for running the body, breathing, heartbeat, digestion, releases hormones. This requires no conscious effort on our part. Also that the Unconscious Mind remembers everything from phone numbers to repressing memories associated with painful feelings or emotions.

However, many branches of western psychology see the Unconscious Mind as an uncivilised child or an adversary which is in need of training and it should be dominated in some way. In contrast,  in NLP,  Time Line Therapy® & Hypnosis our thinking is similar to ancient cultures, in that, the wisdom of the Unconscious Mind is respected, we appreciate its contribution to the individual’s well being and we know that it plays a vital role. We will discuss this more at your NLP Practitioner training

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