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NLP is the Toolkit for Recruiting the right staff members in your business

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to recruit the right staff members for your business. This can increase productivity, profits and cause a lot less stress due to people leaving. Today, it is not enough to look at a CV for skills and experience – what you need to know is that they have the right attitude and motivation to fit in with your business organisation. Choosing the wrong staff members can be very expensive and time consuming, not to mention damaging to the business.

Using the skills from our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training give you vital tools to understand the  individual’s unique “motivational drivers”.  It’s essential for any business to recognise what they need from their staff members, helping them to identify the best applicants for the job.  The good news is that NLP provides you with a proven tool kit to best understand how to recruit right staff members for your business.

Key Questions for Understanding Your Candidate

There are some key questions that you can ask at an interview that will give you some idea of whether the candidate is right for your business. You probably want to know whether the person will stay with you, or whether they are likely to leave after a short amount of time. At NLP Master Practitioner training we’ll teach you all about Meta Programs where one key question is: “What is the relationship between what you are doing this year and what you did at this time last year?”

Those who are doing the same thing (or who describe it as the same) prefer sameness and are likely to stay at the same job for a long time. Those who describe how different their lives are now prefer difference, and might get bored with the same job after a long time. However, there are different degrees of this – some people are “sameness with exception” (likely to stay in a job for 7 years or so) or “difference with exception” (who like to change jobs every 18 months or so). Only a small percentage of the population (5%) are “high difference” and like to change jobs frequently. That’s really useful to know.

As well as understand an individual’s Meta Programs – the basis of their personality. NLP gives you a number of other valuable tools that assist you to find the right candidate for the role.

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