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NLP Practitioner

How does an individual learn a new skill or a new behaviour? This model is from a classic psychological  approach that identifies that to master a new skill an person will go through fours stages to learning it. This approach applies to your personal development too in so much as to master a new skillset you will embark on this same journey. The 4 steps to learning is something that we cover in detail at our NLP Practitioner Training.

Everything that you do calls for you to first have awareness, then the next step is the learning, followed by the application and then to practice, practice practice. It’s an interesting fact that just reading about a new skill or a new way of being or developing positive thinking isn’t enough. It’s a great start but you must complete all 4 steps to become an expert. It’s like people that want to learn NLP or Hypnosis, it’s great to read books about the subject, watch DVD or clips on You Tube but there is no substitute for attending a live training that is geared for all 4 steps of the learning process.

What are the 4 Steps to Learning

1.Unconscious Incompetence

I sometimes refer to this stage as Blissful Ignorance. That is, you don’t know, that you don’t know! You maybe going along in life feeling that something is missing but you’re not really paying attention.

2.Conscious Incompetence

At this stage you are now aware that you need to do something but you don’t yet know how to do it. You may have an insight into what you need to do but no confidence or the knowledge on how to achieve it. At this stage in the learning process it’s common for the individual to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of how much there is to learn. I think a good example of this stage is the first time you got in a car as the driver. There were so many things that you had to do in order to get the car to safely move from A to B it was a bit of an overwhelming experience.

In terms of your personal development this stage may resonate with you, maybe you realise that you are stuck in a rut in your job or in your career or you feel that you need to do something about your relationship or how you feel about yourself. You start looking into the different personal development option and feel that there is almost too much to learn. (By the way, you have to start somewhere!)

3.Conscious Competence

So at Step 3 you are now in a place where you know that you know how to do it. You’ve discovered what you need to do to solve your problems and now you know that it’s going to take an investment of your time and practice of the skills that you’ve acquired to create the change. Sometimes this stage is a little bit uncomfortable because you are doing things differently and are outside your comfort zone. Even though it may, at times, be a bit uncomfortable, it’s actually fun to stretch yourself to grow and develop because in doing so life becomes more meaningful

4. Unconscious Competence 

This stage is where you have reached the point of mastering it. You know, you know to the point where you don’t even think about it. It’s just a natural process that you can without any real conscious awareness. The behaviour or skill has been installed at the unconscious level. Like driving a car. Think about how you drive a car now, you just get in and go. You don’t think about every single action you have to take to move the car from A to B. It’s a natural process, you don’t think about it. Yet you won’t know exactly the date and time that driving became unconsciously competent for you, it just sort of happened.

Your personal development is very much an ongoing process, a journey. So here you are on the path of personal development. You keeping improving, growing, developing until it becomes second nature. This will allow you to live your life and actualise your full potential.

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