NLP Practitioner – 5 Top Tips for Achieving Your Goals

We know that there are lots and lots of people who start each New Year with wonderful dreams and aspirations AND they have the best intentions in the world to achieve them…..BUT….by about this time into the New Year they are finding it tricky to stick to those resolutions or they’ve given up and I’m sure you know someone like this too.

My question is, “Do you want to make 2016 your best year yet?”

Great, then check out these 5 Top Tips from our NLP Practitioner that will assist you to overcome anything that might have stood in your way of achieving your goals.

First of all: Go and get a note pad and something to write with (ok, I’m old school!) Go and grab your iPad and consider these questions, noting the answers because knowing what you want is the crucial initial step to getting it. (That’s what you want, not what you don’t want.)

Then also knowing what is holding you back is equally vital to making sure you get to achieve your goals.

1. What is it that you want to achieve?

This first step is like what we used to call brain storming. Take a no holds barred approach and write down as many goals as you want in any area of your life, for example, career, relationships, health & fitness.

Start by asking yourself if I could be, do or have anything in life, what would it be? Once you have got it all out on paper, then select one goal that will create the biggest change for you. Now decide on what action steps you need to take to get you there, you can just think of the last step and work back from there. At our NLP Practitioner Certification Training, we will take you through putting your own personal dream into your future in such a way that its attainment becomes easy, effortless and assured.

2. Is this goal something I have TRIED to achieve before?

If the answer is yes, that’s fine, you need to then ask yourself, what has stopped me in the past? This might include time, money, not having the right opportunities or resources, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self belief or not knowing how to achieve it. Write all that good stuff down on your pad.

3. Are there any patterns that you have noticed with regards to achieving or not achieving your goals?

Do you for example start something with a huge amount of energy and excitement, only to find your focus and motivation somehow vanish? Do you put off getting started for so long you just give up? Or do you start too many projects at once, and end up overwhelmed?  We share with you at our NLP Practitioner the importance of identifying these old habits, strategies and patterns is key to changing them forever.

4. Do you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

What are you saying to yourself? This is important because your internal dialogue or self talk is a series of instructions or commands to you that can be limiting you from achieving your most prized goals. If your dream for this is the year is to perhaps find the perfect relationship  but you find yourself instead saying to yourself things like “I can’t have a great relationship”, “I don’t deserve it” or “it’s easy for everyone else but not for me” how motivated will you be to achieve your goal? How effective will you be? Listen to what you tell yourself about what you believe limits you and these insights will help you to let go and move forward.

Using Time Line Therapy™ techniques you can easily change those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that support you in achieving what you want.

5. What are the critical changes that you must make in order for you to be totally supported and totally successful in reaching your goals?

Maybe things like, to have more confidence in yourself? Being more creative? Break patterns of self-sabotage? Getting over fear of speaking in public? Write down anything and everything that your unconscious mind reveals to you. Rest assured most of or all of these can be let go of at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

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