90% of our functioning is Unconscious

90% of our functioning is Unconscious

90% of Your Functioning is Unconscious

It’s an interesting and useful fact for all NLP Practitioners to be aware of, that 90% of a human beings functioning is Unconscious.

You’ll know from previous articles posted on the site, that your Unconscious Mind is a powerful piece of kit! well let’s face it, it’s main job is to preserve and run your body! And there’s no way you could possibly do that consciously when we take into account just a few of the vast and complicated functions of the body. Eg, breathing, keeping the heart beating, blinking, regulation of hormones, digestion etc etc Click on the link to find out more about your Unconscious Mind.

So we can recognise that our Unconscious Mind does a lot for us in terms of running and maintaining our physical form, but let’s now take a look at how this translates into how we learn, how behave and how we change.

All Learning, Behaviour and Change are Unconscious

This is a vital premise, so let’s see how this works:

Do remember the things you learned in school? How many degrees are in a right angle?

Did you get the answer?

The correct answer is 90 degrees.

Now assuming you got an answer, where did that information come from? Where was that answer before I asked you? Someone stored in your unconscious was the answer, then when you were asked the question you became consciously aware of it.

What’s your home phone number or your cell phone number? Say it to yourself in your head now? Where was that before I asked you? You certainly did start reading this article with a conscious thought of, “I bet they are going to ask me to recall my phone number!” Your phone number is stored unconsciously, then when I asked you to recall it, it came into your conscious awareness.

Everything that you have learned ends up being stored at the unconscious level. Everything we learn ends up being relegated to the unconscious to store and take care of. First of all you learn it consciously, like driving a car and now you drive. You don’t think about it you just drive. Driving of course is a behaviour.

All behaviour that we do is also unconscious.

Moving your arm is an unconscious process (starts with conscious volition) but we have 159 muscles in the arm and we couldn’t possibly try to control all of them consciously. That’s according to Dr Janet Travell’s  in her book  “Myofascial pain and dysfunction” where she says that there are over 600 muscle pairs in the body so over 1200 muscles. You couldn’t possibly move them all consciously.

So ALL of our behaviour is relegated to the unconscious. The way we respond to people, the way we create things or don’t create things and how we interfere in the process called life is using behaviour. AND our behaviour is unconscious.

Change is also Unconscious. Have you ever tried to change a habit consciously?? How long did it take?? Normally trying to create a change consciously is a long, hard, difficult process, it takes lots of effort that generates inconsistent results.

However, when a change happens that the unconscious level, it happens instantly and can last forever. Maybe you’ve had a situation like that happen, or you’ve heard of someone who has. Something changed and then life was never the same after that.

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching we pre-suppose the co-operation of the Unconscious Mind which makes it easy to let go of negative emotions and self imposed limitations in an instant – thus creating life changing results.


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