NLP Practitioner and the Basic Three Elements of NLP

In this article we are going to take a look at the basic three elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP to give you a clearer

NLP Practitioner

understanding of the scope of this advanced modalities for creating change.

NLP and NLP Practitioner training is increasing in popularity due to the effective, fast and pain free changes that hundreds of thousands of people have experienced from utilising this outstanding tools and techniques

NLP and what you will discover at our NLP Practitioner training is that the sum total of both your conscious and unconscious thinking have caused you to be where you are today. During the NLP Practitioner training you will discover exactly how to take charge of your thinking and your mind. You’ll understand how your thinking determines your behaviour and you’ll understand every piece of behaviour you produce. That’s exciting! Because, maybe for the first time, you’ll be in control of you. You won’t need anyone to tell you what’s up with you because you’ll know for yourself.

Let’s be honest, is the way people are thinking these days really getting them good results? Are people 100% healthy, are they enjoying their ideal relationship, are they actualised in their careers? Or is it more a case of, “I’ll do what I do until………” (and you can fill in the gap here). For many people life is “not bad”.  It’s not their dream life, they remain stuck in the grey zone. NLP will assist you to unlock your potential so you can step out of the grey zone and go for what you want!

The first element of NLP is “Neuro” – to do with thinking and understanding how our mind works. At NLP Practitioner you’ll discover that in fact you have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. And how to align both your conscious and unconscious thinking to create what you want in life.

Modern day society is trained to think very conscious mindedly these days. We make a great mistake by negating our unconscious though processes. The unconscious mind is a vast potential or storehouse of resources, choices, knowledge, information and decisions that we can tap into to gain the absolute best results. At NLP Practitioner you’ll learn how to tap into this potential and strengthen the connection with your unconscious mind.

The second element of NLP is “Linguistic” which is referring the language. Understanding both verbal and non verbal communication for creating the results that we want. This is an important part of our NLP Practitioner training.

The third element of NLP is “Programming”. What we are talking about here is how our behaviour is producing results in our lives. At our NLP Practitioner training you will get to grips with how your thinking determines what you do and what you achieve. You’ll learn how to modify the programmes in your thinking that don’t work for you so that you can create your preferred results and goals

NLP and our NLP Practitioner training is becoming extremely popular because of the extensive demonstration of the capacity and power that lies in these techniques – NLP is literally revolutionising the way that individuals are living their lives

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