Welcome to our blog, today we wanted to share some information with you about our NLP Practitioner certification training – that includes certification at the Practitioner level in NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching in our exciting 7 day training

  • If you want to have a better life for yourself or assist other people in having a better life.
  • If you want to become a Coach or to add some new skills to your Coaching tool kit.
  • If you want to improve your sales or consult people on how to improve their sales.
  • If you want to have better relationships, have better health, perhaps lose weight – these are all things you will learn at our NLP practitioner training and HOW to do it.
It’s a little known fact that NLP has actually been used since the 1970’s by politicans, successful leaders in business, advertising agencies & PR companies. The techniques you will learn at our NLP training are used by every successful person in the world.

We know you are reading this page for a reason. Maybe you are looking for answers, quick answers to important decisions about your life. Or
  • Maybe you are looking for new ways to sell – to sell your ideas, your products or services.
  • Maybe you are confused and not sure which way to go in your life and how to proceed.
  • Maybe you know you’ve got to change something.
  • Maybe you’d like to create a better relationship – a better relationship with your kids, or with your wife or spouse.
These are all things you can do using NLP and our practitioner training………For What Purpose??
To create a better life. To be more self assured, to be happier, to be more positive, to be more relaxed. Our NLP Practitioner training is something that is simple and easy to learn. All of the material is on CDs which you get as part of the package, so you can listen to them first and become familiar with the concepts before you come to the 7 day live training. This ensures that  everyone comes into the training at the same level and then together we will go through the techniques, we’ll practice them so that will you know how to use them.


At our NLP Practitioner training will teach you how to have greater success at work and how to improve your personal and social life. Imagine being married and imagine being able to get along better with your spouse. Imagine being able to have discussions with your spouse where you guys actually work things out and are capable of creating those kind of things that you want to in your relationship. Actually having the relationship support your growth and support you in improving yourself in life.


What’s interesting is that a common issue that most people in this world suffer from a lack of time, life keeps them so busy that they running around all day and there never seems to be enough time. The truth is if there isn’t enough time this year, then they won’t be enough time next year either! If you can’t create enough time now, you won’t be able to create enough time in the future.  So think about that for just a moment, because if you can’t create enough time to take this training, you need to take the time to take the training. That’s very important.
It’s an insight from successful people, that when you really want something in your life, you make it happen. How do you make it happen?


Now some people tell us they don’t have enough money. It’s a common problem, talk to your work colleagues or your friends or family. There is never enough money.  If you don’t have enough money, not taking the training isn’t going to create enough money for you. You need to find out how to create enough money and we can show you example, after example of people who have taken our training and made more money. So that’s easy to do. And our NLP Practitioner Training is the easiest way to do it.


At our NLP Practitioner training you’ll discover what it is that keeps you stuck and then together we’ll l show you how to breakthrough any limitations that you might have had. Now think of how valuable that is…this is a growth process for you, so you keep progressing and moving forward in your life, regardless of what’s happening around you.
We have to share a little secret with you right now….. Because it’s about understanding your beliefs, whatever you believe right now influences and creates your life. Your have empowering beliefs that propel you and you’ll also have beliefs that stop you having what you want. You’re beliefs are very important in terms of your success.


At our NLP Practitioner training we’ll show you how to change the beliefs that prevent having the life that you want and then together we’ll show you how to create real change in 7 days. We promise to share everything we know with you. We’ll teach you everything we know because it’s your success that makes us successful.


It was our mentor Dr Tad James that said, “If you want to create something that you’ve never had before, if you want to go out there and create something that you’ve never been before. It’s quite possible you’ll have to do something that you’ve never done before. If you are committed to doing that something that you’ve never done before, then you’ll make the changes you wanted to make.”


If you think that everything happens for a reason, you didn’t come to this page today by chance. You came here because you are looking for something….it’s no accident. You search for something and we believe, WE have what you are searching for and we are willing to share with you.


And after the training, we give you full support, for free. When you enrol in your training – For all our students and graduates there is free support for the rest of your life from our office. We want you to be successful. We support you 100% all the way, for as long as you need it.


If you want to see how it works, call right now (if it’s during business hours) and see how it works. Call us on 01483 211 222


We’d like to see YOU at our next NLP Practitioner Training
You can read more about us and NLP on our company webpage www.mindtrainingsystems.com

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