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How would you like to be able to able to get rid of a minor negative state or behaviour?

Would it be useful to have a quick, easy to use technique as part of your coaching tool kit?

To create change within a person, as an expert NLP Practitioner you are assisting your client in the process of integrating new learnings and resources while effectively collapsing one reality into another. During our exciting NLP Practitioner training we will teach you exactly how to utilise the process of collapsing anchors for the purpose of collapsing a negative state (or behaviour) into a positive one. This allows the client to have more options and choices about how to respond or behave in the future. This is a fabulous part of the Anchoring tool kit that you will discover at our NLP Practitioner Training and it follows one of the key principles of NLP around increasing the choices available to the individual.

This is a really powerful NLP process and you can easily use collapsing anchors for yourself too. Let’s take a look at the overview for this technique:

1. Decide what the negative state or behaviour is. (Note is it’s a major negative emotion, eg anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt we would use Time Line Therapy® instead)

2. Ask the person to recall a series of positive states or experiences, and anchor each one. Stack the anchors in the same place, like on the knuckle. For example, when they felt powerful, when they knew they could have it all, when they really confident or whatever positive states that they do really well.

3. Anchor the negative state once, on the knuckle next to the stack of positive states

4. Fire anchors at the same time until they peak, and the integration is complete. (Watch the client, they will usually exhibit signs of asymetry until the integration is complete.)

5. Release the negative anchor

6. Hold the positive anchor for 5 seconds and then release

7. Test: “Now how do feel about that old state?”

8. Future Pace: “Can you imagine a time in the future when you might be in a similar situation, and what happens?”

Here’s an example of how this process works in the context of business. The sales consultant realises that every time he goes to make a sale, he becomes negative about it. As soon as he leaves his desk to go and meet his prospective new client, he recalls in his mind all the times his pitch hasn’t gone well and he’s failed to get the sale. If the two are linked then as an NLP Practitioner, you can collapse the association of sales and failing with a positive, winning attitude. This gives the sales consultant a whole set of new choices about feeling positive going into the pitch and making the sale. Essentially, the process of collapsing that anchor frees the sales consultant up from the old habitually negative state.

Collapsing Anchors is a very powerful process and one that you can use for yourself or with others to eliminate or reduce the effect of negative experiences and to create new neurological choices.

One important caution in this process is that the NLP Practitioner should be sure that the positive anchors are stronger than the negative anchors. Because if  the negative experience is stronger that the positive one then the positive will become diluted or collapsed by the negative. You don’t want that! So the expert NLP Practitioner will typically stack the positive anchor at the beginning of the process to ensure that the negative state is weaker than the positive and the positive is stronger than the negative going into the process.

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