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Creating a Prosperity Mindset

What is Money and what is Prosperity?

How do some people seem to always attract wealth and good fortune and others seem to constantly struggle barely making ends meet?

What do you need to do to have limitless financial resources flow into your life?

These are good questions and it’s true people’s apparent abilities to manifest money seem to be starkly contrasting; this is down to some people not fully understanding the laws of prosperity and unfortunately where they are financially is always in alignment with their own limiting beliefs.

Money is merely energy and its movement like energy is one of flow, energy out encourages energy in, when we block that flow mentally with our beliefs then like a damn on a river the flow reduces to a trickle and sometimes can even stop. Anyway it’s not really money as such that we want to focus on it’s more the idea of prosperity that holds the key.

To begin to understand this, the first thing to ask yourself is how do you feel about Money? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative we need to clean up these thoughts or feelings about money and begin the process of aligning yourself totally with what I like to call a prosperity consciousness. All too often people get caught up in the opposite mindset, they function from a LACK mentality and it is these thought processes and sheer negative focus that inhibits the flow of money to you. Changing your beliefs will change your focus and prosperity will surely follow. At our valuable NLP Practitioner Training you will discover exactly how to change your limiting beliefs about money into empowering beliefs instead.

Consider this for a moment….
Your mind is infinitely powerful and functions at its core the same level of intelligence as the Universe; you like the universe are pure intelligence. This in itself is not hard to believe when you take into account that every second of the day you have 10 to the 10 to the 11 possible neurological connections within your body according to Dr Paul Godwin. That’s a massive number and we only using about 10 to 15% of them at any one given moment all of it controlled by you at the unconscious level. What does that mean? It’s means that you have lots of other connections you can be using! You need to develop them. At our expert NLP Practitioner Training you will discover how to develop yourself because after all you truly are a limitless walking miracle. The only thing that keeps you from accessing all of your power is your mind and your beliefs that you don’t actually have the power. Align your thoughts and unleash your power.

Imagine this…..if you are lacking in focus then your mind is like a 100 watt light bulb and as a 100 watt light bulb and the light that you emit is scattered, it is capable of lighting up a room but not the whole house. It lights the room equally and does not shed any more light on one object or another it is effective, yet limited and lacks any controllable focus. Alignment of your thoughts and actions turns you mind into a laser. This creates a profound change for you, scientist have sent a beam of light from a 5 watt laser from the earth to the moon and then managed to measure its reflection back to earth, the moon by the way is 238,856 miles away. This is possible because all of the light in a laser is converging, IT”S ALIGNED AND FOCUSED. A laser beam can cut through sheet steel!!! Focus gives everything far greater power. You can develop and train your mind and your focus to produce the results that you want.

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