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During our expert NLP Practitioner Certification Training you’ll discover the power of language during our comprehensive linguistic segment of the course.

Start now to pay attention to your own language. Be aware of what you are saying on a daily basis. How many times a day do you say, “I should do this” or “I should be dong that”. For example, “I should lose some weight” or “I should go and check the mail.” Stop and think about it for a moment. Are those things that you genuinely want to do? I’m not saying that you’re not to take responsibility instead I’m suggesting that you connect with the real reasons for doing things.

All to often “I should” or “I ought to” are indications of moving away from doing something that you truly want to do. Maybe it even comes down to it actually being someone else’s agenda and not your own.

If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Here’s an example: ┬áIf you find yourself staying late at the Office every week working extra hours, then ask yourself. “For what purpose am I really doing this?” or “How is this serving me?” If the answer you get is a “win-win” for both you and the business, ie there are positive benefits, then that’s great. If however you find yourself answering with statements like, “I should work late because other people do” or “I should do extra hours because it’s a sort of habit I’ve got into.” Stop and consider how can you do this differently. Are you in fact “shoulding” on yourself??? Maybe it would serve you better to develop new strategies for working effectively and productively in a fewer hours?

Your life will become so much more fulfilling and enjoyable when you get rid of the unnecessary sense of obligation to those things that really don’t serve you. At our complete NLP Practitioner Certification Training we’ll show you how to connect to the true you and those things that you want and deserve in your life. So that you can do what you want for your highest good.

NLP Practitioner Tip:

Become aware of your language. Notice how many times you say “I should” or “I ought to”. Then list your 10 most frequently said “shoulds” and “oughts”. Now consider do you really want to do them or not. If you do, then take action and do it. If not then score it off the list and decide to not do it. Because having “spinning plates,” as it were, drains your energy from your goals and purpose.

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