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During our exciting NLP Practitioner certification training we will share with you the 3 types of clients you are likely to see in your coaching career. In this article you’ll gain insights into each of the categories:

Firstly, the “Open” client. This is the client where change is more possible because they want to develop new coping mechanisms to deal with the complexities of their environment. They will be able to perceive the benefits of learning new strategies, new values, new sets of skills, changing beliefs, decisions, letting go of negative emotions and resolving conflicts etc. So, this client will progress through the levels much faster because they will have developed their thinking and have new coping mechanisms on board which lead to increased flexibility in behaviour and better results.

Secondly, the “Arrested” client. Change can be more difficult because the client is resistant to change and is probably fighting and arguing for doing it the same old way, just better! So this client may not readily accept the idea of change. The NLP Practitioner will have to expertly reframe this client and formulate a plan for making the transition and move at a pace that is comfortable for the client. Sometimes the client will be conflicted as to whether or not they really do want the change. Sometimes they will move forward, sometimes they will choose to stay the same and sometimes they go back to their old ways. You’ll likely to hear an “arrested” client say something like, “I want to want to BUT I’m not sure if I really want to.”

Thirdly, the “Closed” client. This client finds change hard to accept. It’s the client that tells you, “I want to lose weight, so just do that hypnotherapy thing to me. Don’t tell me I have to change what I eat and don’t tell me I have to exercise.” The NLP Practitioner can provide this client with more strategies and resources to deal with the situation as it stands. It’s very easy for this client to go back to the old ways because they haven’t developed new ways of thinking, so the status quo remains a very comfortable place. This client is the client who is well known for remaining in their “comfort zone.” Or as we describe it the “Grey Zone” where there are no questions about doing things differently.

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