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For a NLP Practitioner utilising the NLP Modelling is extremely useful in the context of Business.

Why is it important? Because as a NLP Practitioner you have accelerated skills of learning and creating business success. One of the crucial benefits of learning NLP is that it gives you the tools to be able to model excellence in others and utilise that excellence for your own success.

Generally when people are good at something they are not consciously aware of what they are doing that makes them good.Most of the time people take for granted the things that they do well.

Modelling techniques from NLP give the NLP Practitioner the ability to truly discover the critical components of what makes the difference been good and outstanding results. The model that the NLP Practitioner can elicit takes into account both the physical characteristics as well as the mental syntax that exists for creating these great results.

In business, if the NLP Practitioner wanted to model a highly persuasive sales champion,for example, the Practitioner would be able to discover the vital external model ie what specifically the sales champion says and the physiology adopted. Plus the NLP Practitioner would be able to discover the important internal model for success, ie the sale champions values and beliefs and their strategy for doing what they do so well.

By discovering these vital external and internal elements the NLP Practitioner can transport them and apply them to self thus replicating the model of excellence.

By discovering what makes a successful sales champion, trainer or business manager in your company or industry gives you as a NLP Practitioner many advantages. First of all, you can keep an eye out for and recruit personnel who specifically have the right values and beliefs, as well as skills and experience. Secondly, individuals can also, with a variety of NLP techniques taught at NLP Practitioner training, adapt and develop their own values and beliefs to produce greater success in their own endeavours. Thirdly, by modelling people (or companies) of excellence, you can gain valuable insights into the collective beliefs and values that the company has to hold to be successful. With this knowledge, you as the NLP Practitioner, can utilise organisational development, corporate communications and key business statements to align your organisation with these values and beliefs.

This is an introduction to Modelling and as you can already begin to see, there is a significant benefit to you knowing and utilising these skills. At the NLP training we will talk in more detail about this and also discover exactly how you can use this, in business and any other area(s) of your life where you would like to model excellence

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