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NLP Practitioner and Questioning Skills

Knowing the right questions to ask makes a huge difference to the quality of your life and of those around you.

Using the right questions at the right time also makes you a compelling and influential communicator, the go to person.

These powerful skills in questioning techniques form an integral part of our complete NLP Practitioner Certification Training, including NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.

At our NLP Practitioner training we will share you with an exciting  new model of the world, one that will allow you to replace ineffective questions that you might have asked in the past, with new, powerful and influential ones. By learning these techniques you will dramatically improve your results in all areas of your life, from your career through to your personal relationship. In fact just by taking charge and recognising that it’s you who is responsible for your results, you will automatically start to ask different questions.

Let’s face it, it makes sense that if you start asking different questions, you are going to get different results. The better the question, to better the result. In the past you might have asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” Interestingly, this is the wrong question to ask because the answer you get will contain lots and lots of reasons and validation for that outcome. If you want to get a better result in the future, the questions to ask yourself are, “What is the meaning or positive learning from this?” and “How can I ensure I get a better result next time?

This is a change that you can create for yourself today! That’s empowering and will make a massive difference to your life.

To create changes and improvements in all areas of life will require you to start thinking about things in a new way. Effectively asking yourself different questions to uncover and tap into different resources. Here’s a list of questions you can apply to make those changes:

How can I improve on that [specific area]?

What do I want?

What is the positive learning or resource that I can take from [an event or experience] which will allow me to do it differently in the future?

What other strategies can I use to get better results?

What do I need to do that I don’t want to do?

What do I not want to do that I must?

Empowering questions are useful for you and for others around you. Asking different questions of others will also create a massive positive shift in their lives too including improving their performance.

These empowering questions cause the persons brain to engage and generate some results orientated answers. During our NLP Practitioner training course, you will learn a wide range of powerful questioning techniques for creating outstanding results. Techniques that will cause you to start thinking in a new way and therefore increase your results in all areas of your life.

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