NLP Practitioner – The Blame Game

It’s interesting that we live in a society where lots of people are playing the blame game. They have lots of reasons why they “could have been”, “should have been”, “would have been” if it wasn’t for “X” and they point the finger at that person or situation to validate their reasons. The consequence of doing that though is that people aren’t getting great results in life.

Think about people you know. How’s it going for them? Are they living their dream life? Are they enjoying loving and supportive relationships? Are they actualised in their career? Are they 100% happy and healthy? Or are they blaming others for things not going so well?

It’s easy to blame others when things aren’t going well but in the process of blaming something or someone else you give away control of your life. That’s the truth of it. You hand over your personal power and your sense of personal self determination.

As long as you blame others you can’t learn anything. There’s no resources available to you. If I say “it’s not me!” – then I can’t change it. In fact when you do that, all you can do is “hope” that someone will help you or “hope” that things might be different in the future. There’s no guarantees when all you have is hope.

Blaming others is not empowering, in fact, it’s extremely Dis-empowering.

Now’s the time to give up blaming other people. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for your own happiness and for your reactions to other people and circumstances around you. If you are feeling unhappy, remind yourself that YOU CAN make yourself happy. If you blame other people for your unhappiness you have handed over the control of your life to them.

When you stop blaming other people, you regain control over your life, you recover your Personal POWER. You step up to becoming the Creator of Your Life because you become the decision maker.

Life is a great deal more enjoyable, fun, satisfying and easier when you stop blaming others.

In fact it’s one of the significant differences between those people that achieve results and those people that don’t. And that has no relationship between your age, gender, education or background.

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