NLP Practitioner – Understanding The Power of Beliefs Part 1

An important part of being a great NLP Practitioner is to understand the importance of values and beliefs.

This is a fact that we share at our NLP Practitioner training which illustrates how important beliefs are in terms of shaping people’s behaviour and ultimately their results.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

On May 6th 1954 there was a land mark event that occurred in the world athletics. Up to that point. EVERYBODY believed it was impossible for anyone to run a mile in under four minutes. The closest anyone had got to it was 4:01:4 and that was the barrier that no one had broken through it.  Roger Bannister on the other hand believed it was possible to run the mile in under a minute – or maybe it forgot that it wasn’t possible! and on the 6th May 1954 he crossed the finishing line in a time of 3:59:4.  Now from a NLP Practitioner’s point of view something very interesting happened. People’s perception of reality, about what was possible changed. Suddenly it WAS POSSIBLE to run the mile in under 4 minutes! Within 46 days, John Landy, ran it even faster than Bannister, recording a time of 3:57:9. These days it common place for people to run the mile in under 4 minutes. Why? Because they believe they can.

You can see from this example that beliefs are powerful and have a crucial role in shaping our lives. This is interesting from a NLP Practitioner’s perspective because what it demonstrates is that if we believe something is possible then we will endeavour to achieve it. If we don’t believe it to be possible we are unlikely to even try. Once Roger Bannister had proved the four-minute mile a reality, others were able to believe they could do it. They broke through their own psychological barriers and, literally, followed in his footsteps.

“Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you are right!” — Henry Ford

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