In all our NLP Practitioner trainings there is a fundamental principle that we teach you, that  “perception is projection”. This is a simple statement and yet it has a number of layers of meaning, which when you get a hold of and use the theory, will boost your life experiences massively.

Perception is Projection on one level, says that your perception of your reality you exist in,  is based on the beliefs that you hold both consciously and also unconsciously. What that means is that you see that you believe to be true. What you see is what you expect to see because of how you interpret the information from your senses based on your personality, your values and your attitudes etc.

The interesting question that this brings up is, “why don’t we see objectively?” The straight forward answer is that we are simply bombarded by too much information that is coming in through our senses to be able to process all of it. This is according to the book “Flow” written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Csikszentmihalyi says that we are surrounded by approximately 2 million bits of information per second at any given time. That’s a lot of bits of information!!!  And our nervous systems can only process about 134 bits per second of that 2 million.

The brain grabs onto 134 bits per second fr0m the 2 million that surrounds us. How does the brain reduce the data to 134 bits? By filtering it, by ignoring, distorting and/or generalising the input of data. When you consider that, it makes sense that our brain would pick the 134 bits that seem familiar, true and congruent with what it is already processing.

With so much information to data to deal with, why would the brain grab onto bits of data that are peculiar to it or what it disagrees with what it believes to be the truth?

With a great deal of data being excluded, we perceive far less than what is really happening!

Consider this……if a person’s brain is hard wired with the belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, then the person’s brain will grab onto the 134 bits per second of information that support that idea that it’s difficult to make a living and will ignore the rest of the information!!! There is another person who is totally convinced (that’s not “hopes”, I’m taking about convinced), they truly believe that money is easy to come by, then that person will experience and see only information that supports abundance in their life.

In this example, these two people and their brains live in on the same planet and maybe with very similar circumstances. However, the reality they perceive is totally different. Now that is interesting!

That same 2 million bits per second of information, that we refered to early, those 2 million bits per second of data is presented to me, and presented to you, and is presented to the successful people and the unsuccessful people,  as well as the happy people and also the grumpy people.

This is reason why in any given economic climate, you will always discover some people who are thriving and other people who are only just surviving.  Now, guess who is in charge of deciding which bits of data to grab on to?

Yes! That’s right….we are! You and I both consciously and unconsciously are choosing which 134 bits we grab onto. Because there is only so much you can experience and see and it is totally up to you which 134 bits to choose.  At our NLP Practitioner Training you will learn the process of switching from being un-empowered to empowered and therefore find the most life enhancing 134 bits per second.

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