NLP Practitioner’s Guide to Free Will

NLP Practitioner Guide to Free Will

NLP Practitioner Guide to Free Will

A person’s existence on this planet provides the individual with many opportunities, one of those is to follow a path to elevate to higher levels of consciousness. This journey often starts (or has started) when people book to attend our NLP Practitioner Training. All of us have free will when it comes to our personal development, it’s our free will to choose to create or not create changes purposefully in our lives. Which means of course, that no one is guaranteed to climb the ladder of personal and indeed spiritual development. Free will only comes about if we include the concept of time in our existence.

However in doing this, a common misconception is that, somehow, being a “good” person or all “good” things go unrewarded while “bad” people or “wickedness” in the world goes scot-free.

Distance created by time can stop an individual from understanding the correlation between events in their lives now and events in their lives from the past. This is where NLP and Time Line Therapy ® become useful in shedding light on these connections. It’s possible that the roots of a problem were created 25 years ago. But like the roots of a plant, it remains buried underground and invisible. As time passes those long forgotten roots produce a tree (chaos) that is large and visible and very much in the person’s conscious awareness.

From the NLP Practitioner’s perspective and indeed from a Time Line Therapy ® perspective, nothing happens by chance. Everything can be traced back to a root cause that was planted in the person’s past. Chaos appears because time has separates cause from effect. Everyone faces the consequences of one’s actions, big or small, at some point in the future. It could be months, years or maybe a few lifetimes (if you believe in past lives of course).

To resolve the chaos using NLP and Time Line Therapy ® techniques the individual can create change by digging out the root cause of the problem, so that it will never return. Thus creating the space to create a compelling future instead. But, that’s a choice to do that, it’s the person’s free will.

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