This is Part two of our raising self esteem with NLP article in which we are going to introduce you to a powerful and effective Neuro Linguistic

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Programming technique known as a Swish Pattern.

Let’s look at the NLP Swish Pattern – the purpose of a NLP Swish Pattern is to create momentum towards a compelling future. The NLP Swish Pattern is one of the quickest techniques that you can use to re-direct your habitual thinking patterns. Take a situation that is causing you a problem at the moment, with this technique you will be able to install a set of new choices of how you would like to act or be instead.

With the NLP Swish Pattern you will discover what triggers how you respond at the moment (ie the unwanted state or behaviour) and then you’ll discover how to replace that state or behaviour with an empowering and positive self image. That means you’ll be able to perform at your optimum and produce the results that you want.

Step 1: NLP Swish Pattern – Identify the habit or situation you would like to change

The first thing that we have to do in the process of using the NLP Swish Pattern, is to know specifically what is the problem state or behaviour that you want to change.

Examples could be, “I feel shy when I meet new people”, or “I feel shaky when I speak in public” or “I feel hesitant when I have a meeting with my boss” or “I feel doubtful when I do a presentation” or “I feel uncertain that I can complete a specific task”.

All of these are fairly specific situations where the unwanted state or behaviour occurs, this allows us to replace that with a desired state or behaviour ie how we want to act or be instead.

Before we move on to Step 2 of the NLP Swish Pattern, indentify the specific habit or situation you want to change.

Step 2: NLP Swish Pattern – Finding the Trigger

The current undesired state or behaviour will be something that probably triggers automatically for you, ie you don’t think about it, it just happens. It’s not a conscious process, it’s an unconscious process that is outside of your awareness.

So in Step 2 of the NLP Swish Pattern we are going to discover what it is that triggers you to run that behaviour that you don’t want to do.
Let’s have a look at some examples of possible triggers. One of the examples of an unwanted state/behaviour that I listed above was, “I feel doubtful when I do a presentation”.  To discover what the trigger is for that, you would ask yourself this question “How do I know it’s time to feel doubtful when I do a presentation – do I have a picture?” Maybe the exact moment you get this feeling  is when you walk out on the stage, see the people sat in their chairs and then in your mind you see a picture of the audience heckling you, or people leaving the presentation hall and that is the trigger for feeling doubtful.

To get the picture ie the trigger that represents the habit or situation you would like to change. (When you think of _____________, do you have a picture?”)

Once you have the picture you can move onto Step 3.

Step 3: NLP Swish Pattern 3 – Choose How You Want To Respond Instead

So now you need to decide on the positive response that you want to do instead. This is the compelling, positive self image that you will install in your unconscious. To get a picture of the type of person you would like to be ask yourself this question: “How would I like to be instead? When I think of that do I have a picture?”

For example maybe you see a picture of a self assured, motivated, confident you delivering an engaging presentation. Your presentation has been well received and you are enjoying the applause from your audience as you look across at their smiling, happy faces.

When you have found the picture of the positive response that motivates you, the next thing to do is to make it the most compelling picture for you.

So step up into the picture, looking through your own eyes and adjust the qualities of the picture to make it the most compelling picture for you.  For example you might want to change the visual intensity of this picture, maybe make it brighter or bigger or more colourful, if it’s in colour. Do what you need to do to make this the most “real”, compelling and positive feeling for you performing at your best.

Once you have enjoyed that for a moment, you now need to step out of the picture, so that you can see your body in the picture. So now you can see you performing at your best. When you have done that, seal the picture in place… know the sound that Tupperware makes when you seal the air out of it?

Now clear the screen. (Think about something else for a moment)

Step 4: NLP Swish Pattern: Ready to Swish

Great now we are ready to Swish! You are going to take the old picture from Step 2 and replace it with the new, desired picture from Step 3.
Bring to mind the old picture and make sure you are looking through your own eyes.

Now insert in the lower left hand corner, a small, dark postage stamp sized picture of the new desired state and make sure that you can see your body in that picture. Ie you can see yourself performing at your best.

Simultaneously, have the old picture rapidly shrink and recede to a distant point while the dark new picture explodes big and bright into full view and covers up the old picture.  As you do this it can be accompanied by a SWIIISSH sound, make sure that you change the pictures is fast.

Now clear the screen.

Step 5: NLP Swish Pattern: Embedding the Change for the Best Results

For the best results you really want to fully embed the change. Repeat Step 4 a minimum of five times and enjoy the results!

The NLP Swish Pattern is a very effective tool for creating a new set of choices to allow you to perform at your best. This example is a simplified version, during the NLP Practitioner Training we provide you will a fuller and detailed explanation for your NLP toolkit.

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