In this article we compare the process of  Self Help route for creating change and the process of  utilising NLP Practitioner Coaching.

Self Help is a popular process which when people adopt it, requires them to follow information and advice which they have to seek out and then follow from one or more sources. These include self help books, information on TV or radio shows as well as CDs, seminars or websites they’ve found on the internet. As the name suggests, the self help process relies on the  motivation, energy, support, wisdom, choice of direction to follow for learning, coming all from “Self”. We (or the Client) do what we think to be necessary to achieve the desired outcome or goal. The self help process can also sometimes be a bit lonely as the most of the time it’s something that one does alone and one noticeable result of adopting the self help process is that it normally produces incompletion. How many times have you brought ( or know someone that has brought) a self help book or a DVD or set of CDs and then never used them.

NLP Practitioner Coaching – allows us to realise that we could probably get to the same outcome or goal with or without a NLP Practitioner.  Working with a NLP Practitioner gives us an opportunity to share and  bounce ideas off somebody as sometimes it can be difficult to step outside our own thinking to see the bigger picture or a different point of view. A NLP Practitioner  provides you with new perspective based on the process and not the content matter. That means with an NLP Practitioner (or taking our NLP Practitioner Training) you can easily stop when the process of reaching a goal goes off track and therefore correct it. Having sensory acuity and also feedback is essential for knowing “am I on track towards my outcome, or not.” NLP Practitioner also trains you in behavioural flexibility so that you can (or your client can)  get back on track quickly and this improves the overall results. Plus the NLP Practitioner in the process of coaching strengthens and supports the achievements of the Client with rewards when they reach their goals and outcomes.

The NLP Practitioner understands that the most important coaching tools (for self and with others) are responsibility, accountability, commitment and clarity of one’s goals.

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