The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

The NLP Practitioner’s 5 Quick Ways to Get Unstuck

It’s fair to say that a lot of people have found themselves in this situation at some time in their lives. You want to move forward but somehow you feel stuck. It’s like you need a fresh idea or something to give you a metaphorically kick up the arse! If you are experiencing this problem or you know someone that is here’s the NLP Practitioner’s 5 quick ways to get beyond this resistance and get unstuck:
1. Change your focus: Sometimes it’s as simple as re-directing your thoughts and having a change of perspective. Maybe moving your attention onto a new hobby or past time, taking a different route to work or giving your daily routine a bit of a shake up will create a new spark of inspiration.
2. Take Back Control: Sometimes it’s good to say “No” and take some time out for yourself. By doing this you can take back control of your time.
3. Time to Reassess: In fact #2 allows you the opportunity to sit down and reassess how things are going. Maybe make a list of tasks you have completed and those still to do. Make a plan to complete the outstanding tasks by either doing them yourself or hiring someone to do them for you.
4. Set Some Goals: Create some goals and outcomes so you have something to look forward to.
5. Be Patient: Nothing lasts forever, life constantly changes. Your feelings of frustration and feeling stuck will change too. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Want some help setting goals? Then check out this article

NLP Practitioner – 5 Top Tips for Achieving Your Goals

We know that there are lots and lots of people who start each New Year with wonderful dreams and aspirations AND they have the best intentions in the world to achieve them…..BUT….by about this time into the New Year they are finding it tricky to stick to those resolutions or they’ve given up and I’m sure you know someone like this too.

My question is, “Do you want to make 2016 your best year yet?”

Great, then check out these 5 Top Tips from our NLP Practitioner that will assist you to overcome anything that might have stood in your way of achieving your goals.

First of all: Go and get a note pad and something to write with (ok, I’m old school!) Go and grab your iPad and consider these questions, noting the answers because knowing what you want is the crucial initial step to getting it. (That’s what you want, not what you don’t want.)

Then also knowing what is holding you back is equally vital to making sure you get to achieve your goals.

1. What is it that you want to achieve?

This first step is like what we used to call brain storming. Take a no holds barred approach and write down as many goals as you want in any area of your life, for example, career, relationships, health & fitness.

Start by asking yourself if I could be, do or have anything in life, what would it be? Once you have got it all out on paper, then select one goal that will create the biggest change for you. Now decide on what action steps you need to take to get you there, you can just think of the last step and work back from there. At our NLP Practitioner Certification Training, we will take you through putting your own personal dream into your future in such a way that its attainment becomes easy, effortless and assured.

2. Is this goal something I have TRIED to achieve before?

If the answer is yes, that’s fine, you need to then ask yourself, what has stopped me in the past? This might include time, money, not having the right opportunities or resources, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self belief or not knowing how to achieve it. Write all that good stuff down on your pad.

3. Are there any patterns that you have noticed with regards to achieving or not achieving your goals?

Do you for example start something with a huge amount of energy and excitement, only to find your focus and motivation somehow vanish? Do you put off getting started for so long you just give up? Or do you start too many projects at once, and end up overwhelmed?  We share with you at our NLP Practitioner the importance of identifying these old habits, strategies and patterns is key to changing them forever.

4. Do you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

What are you saying to yourself? This is important because your internal dialogue or self talk is a series of instructions or commands to you that can be limiting you from achieving your most prized goals. If your dream for this is the year is to perhaps find the perfect relationship  but you find yourself instead saying to yourself things like “I can’t have a great relationship”, “I don’t deserve it” or “it’s easy for everyone else but not for me” how motivated will you be to achieve your goal? How effective will you be? Listen to what you tell yourself about what you believe limits you and these insights will help you to let go and move forward.

Using Time Line Therapy™ techniques you can easily change those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that support you in achieving what you want.

5. What are the critical changes that you must make in order for you to be totally supported and totally successful in reaching your goals?

Maybe things like, to have more confidence in yourself? Being more creative? Break patterns of self-sabotage? Getting over fear of speaking in public? Write down anything and everything that your unconscious mind reveals to you. Rest assured most of or all of these can be let go of at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

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Here are the details of the exciting NLP Special Offers that we have for our complete NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

We do offer a range of NLP Packages for those who want to benefit from the complete body of NLP knowledge and want to attend NLP Master Practitioner and also NLP Trainers Training. Details of these NLP Packages can be found by visiting our Mind Training Systems webpage.

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NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

FasTrak NLP Practitioner Certification Training

This complete 8 day live training includes Certifications in NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy.
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Changing or Challenging Your Beliefs Can Change Your Reality

NLP Courses

NLP Practitioner Certification Training – understanding our beliefs

In this article we are going to explore our beliefs. In his book “The Holographic Universe”, Michael Talbot clearly highlights the importance of beliefs. Our reality is formed from what we believe and the beliefs that we hold onto and this is something that we explore during our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training here at Mind Training Systems.

I guess a good question to ask yourself is,  what is it that I believe? Are those beliefs empowering you and supporting you on your path? Is your belief real? Are you willing to believe something new that will support you in what you want to achieve moving forward?

You see, when you have a belief that truly resonates with you, you hold on to it and make it yours. Then you can be right with yourself. AND you can stop caring what other people think about your belief  because it resonates and  most importantly it works for you.

Have you seen the sequel to the Matrix? There’s a great quote that sums up this idea being right with yourself and being on your path. There’s a scene where Morpheus is arguing with the General about how to defend his home city. The General’s argument was that everyone should stay and fight. Yet Morpheus had a strong opinion on the matter, that finding Neo and heading back into the Matrix was the only way to save everyone.

The General said, “Not everyone believes what you believe Morpheus.”

Morpheus calmly responds “My beliefs don’t require them to”.

Now that’s interesting! It says that when you are right with yourself and with the world, when you are centred and calm and balanced as you move along your path. It’s then that you are right with your beliefs and undisturbed that other people have different beliefs to your own. Essentially, there is no conflict.

Yet all too often we spend too much time thinking about what other people think we should think. The thing is, that once you find your path and you feel right with yourself, that you are congruent, aligned and solid in your beliefs. You then know that the different beliefs that others have, have no bearing on what is true for you.

Changing or challenging your beliefs can change your reality.

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Life Lessons - NLP Practitioner

Life Lessons – NLP Practitioner

10 Life Lessons Everyone Forgets Too Soon

1. Life is Short
We all know on some level that human beings live a relatively short life. So it’s important to live your life to the full. Instead of being afraid of the “what if’s”, take action. Be bold, be courageous, have goals and dreams that you are willing to expend energy on achieving.

2. Create Your Future
It’s YOUR life. You may have lots of well meaning people around you who try to persuade you but ultimately they can’t decide for you. The decision is yours. Choose a path that is aligned to your goals and your intuition and be prepared to be flexible on changing paths as well. Remember to be productive, passionate and have belief in what you are doing.

3. “Busy” is Not the Same as Being Productive
Just because you are being busy does not mean you are being productive! It’s a common mistake that lots of people make in that they involve themselves with lots of activity that doesn’t generate any real results. People create an illusion of self importance with their busy-ness, rushing , here, there and everywhere like a hamster in a wheel.
The problem is that it’s not a sustainable cycle in the long term and by being productive you can actual enjoy living a purposeful life instead.

4. Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8
This is a great life lesson! We all make “mistakes” in life, it’s part of the journey. The secret is to learn from them and also to forgive ourselves. A mistake only becomes a problem if you don’t learn the lesson.
Successful people know this and have experienced failures in the past and used what they discovered to their advantage. That’s the difference between a Master and a beginner. The Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

5. Thinking About It and Doing It are Completely Different Things
Don’t make the mistake of believing that just because you thought it, it will definitely happen. You have to be prepared to go out there and take action to achieving what you want.

You’ll know people who talk a good game but when it comes down to it, they do nothing to action their ideas.
Good things don’t come to those who wait. If you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life.

The key is to TAKE ACTION

6. Don’t Hold Out for an Apology Before YOU Forgive
Your life will become so easier when you learn to just accept the apologies that you never got. How? By just being thankful for the lessons discovered from the experience – whether it was a good experience or not. By looking at life in this way, you’ll soon realise that holding a grudge from the past is a waste of your time and your happiness today.

Forgiveness is about freeing yourself of the burden of being an eternal victim.

7. Some People Will Cause You to Feel Less Than Amazing
Surround yourself with people who support and boost you up instead of those who bring you down.
If someone is constantly undermining you and leaves you feeling drained, for whatever reason, then they’re probably not close friend material. Listen to your intuition because there’s lots of the right people out there who will energize you and inspire you to be your best.

8. If You Want to be Loved, You Have Got to Love Yourself First.
All too often people want to be loved but they are not prepared to love themselves. If you want to be loved, you’ve got to go first. You’ve got to love you.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle

9. What You’ve Got is Not Who You Are
We live in a material world where we are constantly being sold to. We are convinced that we need this and we should have that. But at the end of the day it’s just stuff. In fact you could still have a marvellous, fulfilling and satisfying life without half of the possessions you own. In modern day society we are becoming disconnected from meaningful relationships, connections and experiences and more focused on electronic devices and tablets.

Create your own culture by reducing the amount of time in front of the computer or TV. Put down the newspaper or the tablet and start engaging with people and enjoy meaningful connections and conversations.
We are being tricked by the media and by marketing to believe that our concerns should be around what celebrities are doing and how they look. Are we following that trend? Are we wearing the right fashion this season? Are we driving the right car? Are we being seen in the right places? This motivation just creates a false and unhappy illusion.

It’s time to wake up and discover the real you, your friends and family. What really makes you tick? Quit being the perfect consumer, get off the tread mill and connect with what’s actually important to you.

10. Every Second, Everything Changes
I love that saying “Everything happens for a reason” – maybe it’s not always immediately obvious but over time it becomes clear. That’s why it’s important to be open to change and realise it has a purpose.
People and events come and go. Nothings lasts forever, life is fluid and doesn’t stop for anyone. What seems as an innocuous decision can create a MASSIVE change in our lives. People have had encountered significant changes, for the better or for the worse from an unpredictable event. These events are happening every moment all over the planet.
However great or bad a situation is, it will come to an end. So when things are good, REALLY enjoy it, appreciate it, get value from it.

Happiness doesn’t come to those who don’t appreciate it.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training – ABNLP

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NLP & The Perfect Relationship Part 1

NLP & Relationships

NLP & Relationships

Would you love to have the perfect relationship?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re unhappy or unfulfilled and the relationships you’ve had or the relationship you’re in, just doesn’t work for you anymore?

Maybe you seem to keep repeating the same behaviours the same mistakes, drawing the same kind of relationships to you?

Are you ready for the perfect relationship now?

During our NLP Practitioner Certification Training we give you specific tools that you can implement to have the relationship that you want. The process is specifically for anyone who has been in a relationship for a while, who has recently started a relationship or anyone that is single.

What’s not immediately obvious is the primary reason we have relationships at all. You need to understand is that relationships are not for the purpose of being happy, we are searching for happiness and we would love to be happy in every area of our life. However the truth is that relationships are not about being happy, we seek relationships for the purpose of being whole, finding the other half of who we truly are. So any relationship that doesn’t cause us to grow and develop into wholeness detracts from us as an individual.

So the very first thing that we have to do is change our thinking:

Consider this in terms of our relationships outside of ourselves, everything that we say about the relationship outside applies to the relationship inside. What does this mean?? Well everything you say about your significant other, the primary relationship in your life that you have or that you want to have, is directly related to the relationship that you have between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind.

Carl Jung said something that was very interesting, he said “‘that which is most repressed within us must by need be projected out of us”, essentially we are married to or will marry our unconscious minds, if you do not resolve your deepest suppressed unresolved issues then you will by need project them outside of yourself onto that which you want most, so all of your fears will be manifested in the one you love!! You’ll discover why we do that when you attend Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

What’s outside is a reflection of what’s inside and what’s inside is a reflection of what’s outside. I understand that you are now keen to know so much more, and all will be made clear at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training. So secure your place, come along and allow us to share the secrets of the perfect relationship and we guarantee to expand your thinking.


Article by Colin McKay – who is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also an Advanced Practitioner of Huna, having taken many additional programs with Tad and Adriana.

 Colin worked for Tad and Adriana at the Tad James Company over a period of 2 years in Sydney. This experience has allowed us to tailor our International Training & Coaching Programs, so they are specifically designed to ensure that all of our students get the maximum benefit from the life changing knowledge base of skills and techniques that is NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.
Copyright © Mind Training Systems


New Year’s Celebrations are Over. So What’s Your Plan?

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

With the New Year celebrations over, the clock of 2014 ticks away, the question is: “What have YOU done to ensure YOUR perfect future? ”

Ok, February has just started and yet January seemed to zoom by! Before you know it, you’ll be sitting there in 2015 wondering where the year went. That is unless YOU take action NOW to take control of YOUR future and don’t you owe it to yourself to succeed this year?

The safest place to invest now is in YOU! Think of it, there will never be any regrets about gaining more skills, about educating yourself and having more personal power to withstand anything that life throws at you! And you can learn new strategies and new skills for dealing with the new times ahead in a successful and easy way!

Take a look at the job market for example, where there is a constant competition for talent and skill. Every business knows that to grow it’s essential that they have competent people who can get results. So, people who can do a good job are recruited sooner, paid more, and promoted faster than people who are not competent or motivated.

Remember: The safest place to invest now is in YOU, and Mind Training Systems. is the best provider to reach excellence.

To find out more today, about how we can help you give the Office a call on 01483 211 222

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

There’s still time to get booked in for this exciting and enlightening program!

Come and experience our exciting NLP Practitioner Certification Training and we will give you a specific process…..the “HOW TO”…. for creating change in your life. The Secret told us all what it was about….we want you to know How to do it…. easily and consistently turn your unfulfilled dreams into reality.

• We will assist you to identify and eliminate your personal blocks. Replacing them with resourceful and effective strategies to totally empower you to create lasting change in your life
Change the person you were into the person that you have always wanted to be, NOW!!

• Change your unconscious beliefs about money and become a magnet for all the financial and energetic resources that you truly deserve
Have the certainty that you can set goals and dreams without restriction or limit

• Dramatically change and improve the dynamics and communication within all of your relationships, when you change yourself then all that you see outside of you changes also.
Make these changes in your life NOW, and be amazed at how quick, easy and effective it is.

• Learn the simple rules that will guarantee you the clarity that you need for success

SO if you are reading this and realise that there is an area of your life that is just not working for you? And you have tried time and time again to implement change but with no real effect? And most importantly you are definitely ready to change these old patterns NOW!!! Then our NLP Practitioner Certification Training is the program for you. This exciting life changing training will allow you to easily transform any area of your life, breaking free from old habitual patterns forever. Your time is now, and you owe it to yourself to learn a more effective way of living. Embrace 2016 knowing that you are empowered to achieve all that you desire, by simply choosing to design the future the way that you want it.

Call the Office TODAY on 01483 211 222

What would happen if you did book our NLP Practitioner Training?

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is Life Changing!

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is Life Changing!

I know this is a question that many people ask themselves before they secure their place at a NLP Practitioner Training. I was chatting to one of our Graduates, in fact, because they booked their training with us, they are actually a Graduate at the Practitioner level in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis & NLP Coaching. I was asking her what’s different since she took the training and what have the benefits been for her. Here’s what she told me:

“When I booked my place at Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training, it really was a lot of effort to get there! Not only did I have to get the money together in the first place, their was child care to organise, travel arrangements, organising time off from work. At the time, it seemed like I had a mountain to climb!  Looking back though, I can honestly say this has been (to date) the most important training I’ve ever been on. I followed Catherine and Colin’s advice, I implemented what they taught me and it’s made these learnings and this training into a fantastic opportunity for me in terms of my career and my relationship. (I’m booked in to do NLP Master Practitioner with Mind Training Systems for 2014.)

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner training has been useful for me because it’s allowed me to increase my income and it’s allowed me to help my child in school with new strategies for learning. Since the NLP training I am able to easily use the tools I discovered to confidently build rapport with people. I can definitely say that NLP has helped me to better understanding my thought processes and I understand a lot more about other people think as well. This has been a major benefit to me in my relationship.

Mind Training Systems NLP Practitioner Training is life changing! If you are reading this, then I recommend you give them a call and book your place today!”

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NLP Practitioner for Your Business

NLP is the Toolkit for Recruiting the right staff members in your business

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to recruit the right staff members for your business. This can increase productivity, profits and cause a lot less stress due to people leaving. Today, it is not enough to look at a CV for skills and experience – what you need to know is that they have the right attitude and motivation to fit in with your business organisation. Choosing the wrong staff members can be very expensive and time consuming, not to mention damaging to the business.

Using the skills from our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training give you vital tools to understand the  individual’s unique “motivational drivers”.  It’s essential for any business to recognise what they need from their staff members, helping them to identify the best applicants for the job.  The good news is that NLP provides you with a proven tool kit to best understand how to recruit right staff members for your business.

Key Questions for Understanding Your Candidate

There are some key questions that you can ask at an interview that will give you some idea of whether the candidate is right for your business. You probably want to know whether the person will stay with you, or whether they are likely to leave after a short amount of time. At NLP Master Practitioner training we’ll teach you all about Meta Programs where one key question is: “What is the relationship between what you are doing this year and what you did at this time last year?”

Those who are doing the same thing (or who describe it as the same) prefer sameness and are likely to stay at the same job for a long time. Those who describe how different their lives are now prefer difference, and might get bored with the same job after a long time. However, there are different degrees of this – some people are “sameness with exception” (likely to stay in a job for 7 years or so) or “difference with exception” (who like to change jobs every 18 months or so). Only a small percentage of the population (5%) are “high difference” and like to change jobs frequently. That’s really useful to know.

As well as understand an individual’s Meta Programs – the basis of their personality. NLP gives you a number of other valuable tools that assist you to find the right candidate for the role.

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NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Training – ABNLP

Improve your Communication with NLP

Picture the situation – a married couple meeting after a long day at work. The husband is tired, but tries to put on a smile for his wife. Making light conversation, he says “I’m starving!” She responds by getting angry and snapping at him. What happened? It turns out that his attempt to communicate light conversation was taken, by her, to be an impatient and sarcastic way of telling her that he expected her to cook for him. Feeling that he did not care about her own well-being, she got angry.
Has anything similar ever happened to you? Have people misunderstood what you were trying to say? If you are looking for ways to improve your communication, NLP can help.

The Importance of Body Language
According to research by Mehrabian and Ferris (1967), only 7% of the actual words that we say have an impact on an audience during a presentation – the other 38% is made by our tone of voice and 55% determined by our body language. So, anything you say – from “I’m starving!” to “Good morning” can sound like a greeting, a joke or a threat depending on your body language and tone.
Great communication happens when your intended meaning is picked up by the other person the way you wanted it to be. Spend some time in the mirror, or even recording yourself, speaking naturally. Do you really come across as friendly when you are trying to be? When people detect insincerity they will feel like pulling away from you, even if they don’t consciously realise it. NLP provides you with the skills to improve your communication by paying close attention to the postures, gestures, expression and tone that you use. If you want to sound friendlier, more professional etc, model your behaviour on somebody that you would like to imitate. Watch exactly what they do and practice copying them. It’s a skill set that you will find very easy to use having attended our NLP Practitioner training.

Creating Rapport
Rapport is the key to good communication. It is defined as “an especially harmonious or sympathetic relation”. When you have good rapport with somebody, you feel that you are on their wavelength. Creating good rapport can improve relationships, increase your chances of getting jobs and business deals, and generally make you a more likable person. When people have good rapport with somebody, they claim to like them more, even if they cannot explain why.

One of the first NLP techniques for creating rapport that we will teach you at our NLP Practitioner training, is how to watch the other person’s body language and mirror or match it. If they lean back in their chair, lean back in yours. If they reach for a sip of their drink, reach for a sip of yours. You’ll learn how to do this out of the other person’s conscious awareness, so it is subtle and natural. After a while, the other person might start to copy you in turn without realising it. This is a great way to improve communication, as you can slowly start to make your gestures and postures more open and friendly – then, the other person will follow your lead and start to do the same.

You can also improve rapport and communication by listening out for the words that people use the most. Do they use visual phrases (like “I see what you mean” / “It appears to me…”), auditory (“I’m hearing you loud and clear” / “Sounds good”) or kinaesthetic (“That’s a sticky issue” / “That doesn’t feel right”)? Everybody favours one sense over the others. Once you have found which sense the person uses most in their speech, you can match it. People will feel a stronger sense of rapport with those who share their preferred sense.

Discover more about the benefits of attending our NLP Practitioner Certification Training here or call the Office for a free NLP Information pack on +44(0)1483 211 222.

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