Values and Beliefs – What’s Important to You?

Values and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

What we value and the beliefs we hold have a profound influence on how we think about things and how we behave. For example if you don’t believe that you are good at public speaking, then it’s highly likely that this will impact on your performance and this will be evident to others in how you act and behave. On the flip side of the coin, if you spend time developing your skills and building your confidence in this area of expertise then it’s likely that your beliefs about your capabilities in this context will change. Changing a limiting belief like that is incredibly empowering!

Generally our values and beliefs are in operation ‘behind the scenes’, that is, they are often outside of your conscious awareness. This is how people have such strongly held views that influence everything they do and say.

What you hold dear to you and what you believe to be important to you has evolved and shaped throughout your life. Every experience ┬áthat you have had and every person that you have met will have, in some way, influenced your values and beliefs. It’s not just individuals that have a set of values either. Many organisations have a core set of values or criteria that represent what’s important to them. Where there’s a mismatch between the values of a company and an employee, or between two colleagues, there’s potential for conflict. You can read more about the fascinating topic of values here >>>

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