NLP Practitioner – Top Tips For Great Communication

1. Invest your time and energy in perfecting your communication skills as it leads to more opportunities in your life.

communication NLP Practitioner

Communication NLP Practitioner

2. Learning about communication is vital because you’ll discover how to convey your message and your ideas more effectively.

3. Enhancing your knowledge of communication means you will have a greater understanding of information that is being communicated to you.

4. Be responsible for your communication and that your message is being conveyed accurately. A NLP Practitioner will look out for key pointers including, listening to words, observing body language and by asking questions. This will provide you with information about whether your message is being received and understood.

5. Address problems immediately instead of burying your head in the sand overlooking an issue. Take action and address them. All too often people look to blame other people, attempt to justify themselves or deny a difficult situation instead of realising they have the power to change it.

Take charge and look for a solution to move things to a move positive plane. A problem gives you an opportunity to learn something and also to change something which assist your personal growth and development and that of others who are involved too.

Are there any outstanding problems or issues in your life that need to be addressed?

What are you willing to do to resolve them now?

If you want to become masterful and an expert in communication, you need to have an solid understanding of the process of communication. Communicating is more than just the content. It is more than talking and listening; it’s more than the words we speak.

Communicating is the combination of three important elements which make up the communication process. These elements are:

1. The words we speak
2. How we speak them – our voice tone, tempo and volume
3. Our non-verbal body language, gestures and facial expressions.

Communication Fact
Approximately, 93% of your communication has nothing to do with your words you use! It takes more than just words to express yourself, build rapport and be influential.

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