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We were running one of our popular weekend Seminars, Your Future By Design, a couple of weeks ago where we got to share some really powerful techniques with a wonderful group of people. During the weekend we had a number of people chat to us and they said, “this is really great stuff and we want to go and use this stuff with other people right away”. So we shared with them information about the NLP Practitioner Certification Training and because they told us it was such a useful talk we’ve written it up here for you. This will allow you to get a feeling for why you should book your place on an NLP Practitioner Certification Training and the benefits this programme has for you and other around you.

We have a specific certification programme that means that you can use these techniques with other people as an Expert NLP Practitioner. Have you ever felt that you wanted to make a difference?

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NLP Practitioner – Achieve Your Goals

Our NLP Practitioner Certification Training means that you’ll be able to learn step by step so that when you finish this programme you’ll be able to utilise the techniques for yourself and also with other people. Safe in the knowledge that you have full, professional, expert support from our In House Coaching team to ensure that you reach the expert level far quicker than if you tried to do it all on your own. That’s our intent – to support you in becoming an expert in achieving all your goals.


What does it take? It’s an investment that you make and that pays back very quickly. We will begin by teaching you and sharing with you some very advanced observation skills. Because many people make minute changes from moment to moment which you can notice when you look across at them. Changes in their skin colour, their skin tonus and their pupil dilation. Have you ever talked to someone and you thought, they were getting what you were saying and then you get to the end of the conversation and you realise they didn’t? And you missed it ? Then you need this. We teach an advanced level of observation which is extremely useful in sales, in management and in relationships……especially in relationships.

Then we are going to teach you some very advanced rapport skills. How specifically do you get into rapport with someone you want to?  Who has ever had trouble getting into rapport with somebody? It’s a common experience. No matter what you do, they don’t seem to relate to you. Now rapport is extremely valuable because it means whatever you are communicating to the other person (or people) will be accepted by them regardless of the content. That would be useful with kids, wouldn’t it!

With rapport and how to observe people, the next thing is how to communicate with them. What’s not always immediately obvious is that people think differently. Did you ever notice that? Before I knew about NLP, the majority of the time I used to communicate in the way I think and most sales people do this. But what they don’t pay attention to how the other person thinks. So we will share with you some very advanced communication skills that use the language of the brain. How does someone think inside their brain? This is related to the Internal Representation and is very powerful because you will be able to fit your information inside how that person processes the information inside their brain so that it matches.

Next thing we will focus on in your NLP Practitioner is the basics of motivation and decision making strategies and submodalities. Could you use some more motivation? So how do you get someone, including yourself to be more motivated? What’s the process that gets you motivated in the first instance?  The information that we will share with you in useful for motivating others as well as useful for motivating yourself. Again need to know that your process is different from others. So you need to understand their way, because your way probably won’t work as well. You have to figure out how they do it and utilise it…. and that get results. Exciting stuff!

NLP PractitionerCould you do with being more decisive in certain situations? So how do you fit inside someone’s decision making process? How do you fit inside your own decision making process?  These are tremendously advanced communication tools. Then how do you get reassured? These are  extremely important communication skills that will we teach you on our NLP Practitioner.

What’s next? Consider this…Usually when you communicate something to somebody, they will have an objection and so in our NLP Practitioner Training, we will show you how to effectively answer objections by using “Reframing” and this is an advanced skill for changing the communication so it’s a massive plus for you.

Included in this NLP Practitioner package is all the anchoring and how to utilise a specific stimulus and how to control your state. Have you ever thought that it would benefit you by being able to control your state and your emotional state.

If you take an NLP Practitioner Training with someone else, you may think you’re probably get the same training???!!!

Our Trainers are in fact a rare breed as they are Board Certified MASTER TRAINERS of NLP. And in our NLP Practitioner Certification Training we add in the FULL CERTIFICATION for Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner – the reason you would want to train with us is that we are Trainers in Master Time Line Therapy™ so we have the latest developments. Time Line Therapy™ is an incredibly effective way of letting go of negative emotions and limiting decisions as you will discover. We will certify you at the Practitioner level.

We will also train you in Hypnotherapy and certify you as a Hypnotherapist at the Practitioner level

Plus we are the first in the UK to include NLP Coach certification when YOU COMPLETE our  7 day NLP Practitioner Certification Training. It the complete package that you will need, no gaps, it’s all included in this 7 day programme. When you complete our NLP Practitioner you will hold 4 Internationally recognised certifications!!

NLP Practitioner Pre Course Study Pack

How can we possibly do that all in 1 week? The answer is we can’t!! So you have to help us out by you listening to 20 CDS which consist the Pre study and the Post study which we recommend that you listen to several times before you take the training and you review after taking the training. That way everyone comes in at the same level. Have you ever been at a training/lecture/seminar where people have different levels of knowledge? The thing with our NLP Practitioner Certification Training – whether you’ve done any of this before or not, everyone comes in at the same level. The CD’s are simple. Everyone is capable of understanding the techniques. They provide the theory so you can review it.

Our NLP Practitioner training is geared to practical application. Why? Because all the theories in the world are worth nothing unless you know how to practically apply them. Otherwise it just remains as an interesting intellectual discussion. We are into what works to create change and we will teach you how to use the techniques to get results.

With our NLP Practitioner there is a double benefit for you as you can work on a real issue in your life. A third of people attending are at our Trainings just for themselves. The second benefit is how to deal with a completely different and strange person so you can utilise any of these techniques, anytime in the future. So you can do all of this with someone else. Plus you’ll be able to be self sustaining and deal with a problem yourself.

AND we are big on support. You can call the Office anytime. We also  have email support plus the massive benefit that all our graduates and students enjoy…FREE In House Coaching from a certified NLP Trainer. Just think about how much transformation you can have from taking this training and that level of support.

If you want to take charge in your life we have more to share with you, come and join us at the next NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Give us a call on 01483 211 222

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